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Our trainers live the EPIC life and love it. They’re dedicated to helping you ascend to your own potential by application of functional training, holistic nutrition, and the 4 pillars of EPIC Fitness.


Kate leads the life you want to lead. She walks the talk and knows what it takes to be strong, healthy and happy. If you can't find her in the gym or working out in the park, she must not be in town. B.Sc Kinesiology, IHP Func Trainer, Olympic Lifting Level 1, Varsity Volleyball from University of Waterloo. You can find her: with inspirational posts on instagram, doing hill sprints on Sundays and out in the community giving back.



Anthony is an over-achiever that loves to live life to the fullest. He teaches healthy living by addressing all aspects of your mind and body. Anthony is an adventurer that has travelled all over the world, which has made him very resourceful. BSc Honours in Kinesiology. You can find him: working out, smiling, finding solutions to your problems.



Courtney is a beacon of light in your life. Her experience within different modalities like yoga, movement therapy, strength, dance and wellness allows her to approach any goal you have from a holistic perspective. Poliquin Level 1,2 and Bio-Signature, Yoga Instructor: Yoga Alliance. You can find her: teaching dance, running downtown Ottawa and turning your bad day into a great one.


Stephanie is the Owner of EPIC Fitness. She has a decade of personal training under her belt and is extremely passionate about helping people see and realize their own potential. She believes that life is best spent living above the line of ordinary and has designed EPIC Fitness to be a place where you are shown how to live this way. BA Psychology, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Can-Fit PTS and NWS, IHP Func Trainer and Performance Coach, Yin Yoga Certified, ISSA Fitness & Health Management, ComplexCore Level 1, 2, 3 and North American Rep. You can find her: in the community, filming reality shows, hiking mountains and spending time with like-minded health savants.




Kelsey is a creative and supportive personal trainer. He works with many different kinds clientele and finds a way for every single one of them to succeed. He has been awarded the “Rookie of the Year” award in 2015. He is a straight shooter and will tell you how it is. He believes that training is a way to help you live your best life possible. BSc HK, CSEP-CEP, Olympic Lifting Level 1. You can find him: running, reading and researching, playing guitar



Marissa has the energy you don’t have! She is extremely fulfilled being a personal trainer and loves guiding your success. She believes personal training is a career and this shows in her attention to detail and her passion. Diploma in Health & Fitness Promo, CSEP-CPT. You can find her: making faces, jumping around, being surrounded by her large family and friends



Brooke is warm, welcoming, and quite hilarious. With her as your Trainer, you will experience her passion for strength within her programs, but also will feel the attention paid to function and mobility. You are THE focus when she is training you and you will feel that. She believes that a life of exercise and eating natural foods will lead to a happy life. Can-Fit PTS, Fascial Stretch Therapist, Natural Health Fundamentals Certified. You can find her: working out or cuddling with her 2 adorable mastiffs at home.



Justine loves helping people and seeing people succeed. She loves being a trainer and pulls from her experience as a National Athlete when getting clients to dig deep. You can find that Justine puts in the extra effort and spends quality time with you as a client. Can-Fit PTS, Badminton You can find her: getting things done, helping someone out, being curious about many things, smiling.



Kayla is an intense trainer with a heart of gold. She is laser focused on her client's goals and goes above and beyond to make sure they achieve them. As an internationally ranked hockey player from the University of Ottawa, she loves sport and performance. B.A Criminology, IHP Func Trainer, Olympic Lifting Level 1, Can-Fit PTS and NWS. You can find her: with her big pup Addy, playing ball hockey and building up her shoulders in the gym.



Kyle lives and breaths training. He loves the study of movement and performance and that is clear within the first 5 mins of being in his presence. He enjoys training both athletes and regular Joes.  To him, everyone is aiming to accomplish the same - to be and feel better. With his experience in training athletes in CIS, CFL, NLL Ski Canada and Bobsleigh Canada, no there is no doubt that Kyle can help you. B.A Humanities, NSCA CSCS, Level 1 NCCP Weightlifting Coach, University Football. You can find him: cracking jokes, watching Sportsnet, tweeting about training.