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Stephanie Karlovits

"tHE COMPLETE PACKAGE, a visionary leader"

After 10 years of being a personal trainer, coach and new age wellness guide to hundreds of clients, Stephanie decided to open up EPIC Fitness on September 8, 2012. She had always dreamed of combining her love of movement, human psychology and alternative medicine together for clients to attain sustainable wellness. In 2015 she re-branded EPIC into EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle. Through her intense research on the potential of the human body, mind and spirit, she founded the 4 pillars of the EPIC Life: Functional Movement, Holistic Nutrition, Nature and Self-Care and the EPIC Life Formula. Stephanie has always believed in the power of Yin and Yang and that is the focus of all of her teachings and the basis for everything offered at EPIC.

She believes that reaching a physical fitness goal means nothing without solid lifestyle habits to back it up.  She is a truth-teller and a truth-seeker that is always itching for more answers. Stephanie was a competitive figure skater for 18 years growing up in cold dark rinks in her youth and then turned her figure skates in for hiking boots in 2014 with her first trek up Mount Kilimanjaro.  Mountains are her current passion and she has reached the peaks of mountains all over the world including Kilimanjaro, the Inca Trail (Machu Picchu, Dead Woman's Pass), Mount Cascade, Mount Marcy, Mount Quandary.

Stephanie is a creator who currently leads a team of 26 comprised of health practitioners in the realms of Naturopathy, Manual Therapy, Physiotherapy, Holisitic Nutrition, and Energy Healing as well as leading her team of Functional Personal Trainers and Yoga and Meditation instructors.

She has dozens of certifications in Human Movement, Human Kinetics, Psychology, Holistic Nutrition, Yin Yoga, Olympic Lifting and many more. She also founded her own professional education platform for professionals in 2014 called Catalyst. It was the first holistic education platform combining teachings of strength and conditioning, yoga, movement, functional medicine, sports medicine and psychology together in Ottawa. She is turning this into a podcast and hosts workshops and trainings for personal trainers, physiotherapists, yoga instructors and other health teachers for continued education credits.

She is currently obsessed with Forest Therapy and the wellness power of Nature and is currently writing a book on The EPIC Life.  

Stephanie's personal clientele roster consists of extraordinary entrepreneurs who are impacting the world in a very powerful way.  Her clients are high level CEOs and are some of North America's most powerful people, changing humanity for the better. She sees her role as removing mental, bio-chemical and physical blocks from her clients in order for them to live their potential and run their companies with strength and grace.  Follow her on Instagram: @stephaniekarlovits


Stephanie is happy to comment or participate in media involving conscious corporate culture, new age fitness and wellness, functional movement, functional medicine, women in business or easy tips and tactics for busy people to get strong, healthy and happy.

For media inquiries please email: [email protected]

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