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Pelvic Health Therapy

After the birth of her daughter Addyson in 2012, Kerri found herself with a series of symptoms related to pelvic floor d‍‍‍ysfunction. After 16 years of being a pilates instructor, corrective exercise specialist and holistic lifestyle coach in the health and fitness industry, she seemed like the most unlikely person to have to go through such a thing. Organ prolapse, abdominal pain and incontinence, these are all symptoms that Kerri has researched and have found solutions to. Over the past 5 years Kerri has successfully rehabilitated her own pelvic floor, received a certification from Hypopressives Canada Level 1 and 2 and has assisted many clients and professionals in this domain.

She will help you get your freedom back and help you move from discomfort and uncertainty to confidence and movement.

Meet Ke‍‍‍rri, Pelvic Health Specialist

Kerri Morri‍‍‍so‍‍‍n-McCabe:

Pelvic Health Specialist

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