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"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."

-Virginia Woolf

Our “well” means whole, nutrient-dense, local (when possible) and specific food choices meant for YOU that assist you in feeling your best. 


Jessie Lindley holds a Master’s Degree in the “Politics of Food” from Queen’s University. She started practicing Holistic Nutrition in 2015 once she figured out her true passion – helping people get to the root cause of what’s holding them back by use of food.  Whether it’s energy management, hormonal fluctuations, weight loss, mood regulation, sport’s nutrition or women’s health she knows how to get to the issue and help you resolve it. She herself knows first hand what it is like to be challenged by health issues.  Her theoretical and anecdotal experience will help you get back to you, or help you discover a new you that is even better. Jessie is available to help you every Tuesday from 3pm-7pm. Call us to book: 613 741 4348


Are you wondering if a Registered Holistic Nutritionist is for you? Book a 15 minute call with Jessie to see if she can help. Often times we know we need something, but we’re just not sure where to start or how to start. Call us 613 741 4348 to set up a call. 


Nutrition, as you know is multi-variable.  There’s the “what should I eat?” part, the food sourcing part, the cooking part and the educational part. We have found it is best to start with a discovery call to see if Jessie thinks your needs will be met with Holistic Nutrition.  After that, sessions will be tailored to you. We offer 1 hour and 30 minute meetings at a frequency that works for your goals.