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Energy Healing

Are you searching for greater Ease, Joy, and Purpose in your Life?‍‍‍

About Energy Healing

Energy Healing can help you to:

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"If not now, when?"


Catherine Hull

Catherine Hull helps individuals invite more ease, JOY, peace, abundance, and LOVE into their lives through Energy Healing and Transformational Coaching.

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- Eckhart Tolle

Energy Healing is a gentle, effective process to help you embrace more of the real you by creating a space for you to release and let go of those things that are keeping you from living the life you desire.

  • Experience life with greater Ease, Joy, and Peace.
  • Release Limiting Beliefs and help you to have a more positive outlook on life.
  • Let go of habits that are keeping you stuck and from showing up in the way you are meant to.
  • Change the way you think, feel, and respond to a situation or circumstance.
  • Love yourself and your body unconditionally.
  • Heal relationships issues, past and present.
  • Find your purpose here and learn what your unique gifts are.
  • Live with gratitude and abundance.
  • Quiet mind chatter and be present in your life.

Energy Healing is like a massage for your soul, in that the client releases and lets go of “limitations” , “pain points” , or “trigger points” in the cellular memory of their body that they have been carrying around with them for years, decades, and even from past lifetimes.‍‍‍

During a one-on-one session, Catherine uses her sharp intuition and effective energy therapy tools to be a mirror for you to see the truth in a situation and become empowered to change it. As a Certified Energy Healer, Catherine uses a variety of energy therapy techniques and modalities including Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), Access Bars Therapy, Healing Touch and her own intuitive healing abilities which include Past Life Regression, Light Language (Sound Healing), and Mediumship.

Once a belief or issue has been acknowledged, it simply needs to released, This leaves more room for the lighter elements of your being to come to the surface. Energy Healing helps you release energy patterns from your past, empowers and balances your present life and helps you to evolve.