Community Events Schedule


Community Walk

2018/01/24 9:30 AM

Come walk with us!FREE and open to the PUBLIC.Join us every Wednesday at 9:30am at EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle (230 Beechwood Ave) for a 2km walk in the neigh......

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No Plateau - 30 day Hormone-Balancing Nutrition Program

2018/01/24 8:00 PM

Struggling to lose weight? Just can’t find the energy, confidence and brain power you used to have? It may not be you - it could be your hormones! The......

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Community Hike

2018/01/27 1:00 PM

FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLICBeing connected to the outdoors is an incredible thing when it comes to our health. One of the pillars to the EPIC life is incor......

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