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Many people view running as something that humans can do naturally, which is true, but even for people who are used to doing everything at high speed, there are improvements that can be made to increase their running performance.

If you’re stuck in a running rut, unable to beat your PB, or are suffering from tight or sore muscles, why not reassess what’s going on?

Level up your running in time for the season to start!


TO optimize your performance

We have created the Functional Runners Assessment as a 360° tool to help Ottawa runners not only avoid injury but learn more about how they move and what they can do to improve their running and beat their personal bests.

We love working recreational runners and competitive athletes.
In fact, many of our clients met us at running community events!






Let’s ensure you have a really good season. With this assessment, we are reducing your chance of injury and are doing the things required for a great run. This is especially critical at the beginning of the season when your body is trying to adjust to those first few runs on the pavement as opposed to a treadmill.

the one-hour assessment includes:

Our offer: an ultimate holistic assessment


Get the assessment that was formulated and designed by our Founder, Stephanie Karlovits.  Get in-depth insights into your running performance and how you can elevate it.

1: Functional Movement assessment

2: Inbody BIA

3: The epic life formula evaluation

Functional Movement assessment

Discover your movement through new eyes!

This unique movement test looks at mobility and flexibility. We put you through eight exercises that are derived from four primary human movements. We check how your body moves, what it’s doing correctly, and where it needs support. This assessment allows us to predict your likelihood of injury and discover areas where we can increase performance.

Inbody BIA analysis

Let’s find out what you are made of.

This imperative assessment tool tells us everything we need to know about your body composition. Intra and Extra-cellular hydration, muscle mass, body fat, and visceral fat content are the components most closely related to our body’s overall health so those are the elements we will be measuring. Scientific evidence shows that healthy body composition can increase your lifespan, reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and insulin resistance, increase energy levels, and improve self-esteem. By knowing what you have enough, too much or too little of inside of you is a game-changer when it comes to setting goals and following progress.

The EPIC Life Formula Evaluation

Learn how sustainable your lifestyle habits are!

This is our secret recipe for living a healthy, conscious, and happy life. The EPIC Life Formula ©, designed by Stephanie Karlovits is a simple step-by-step guide to ensure that you are giving your mind, body, and spirit what it needs, week in and week out. It is a way to sustain your health as you age and stop burning the candle at both ends trying to get fit. In our evaluation, we will discuss how your lifestyle matches up against our four pillars of the EPIC life (Functional Movement, Holistic Nutrition, Nature, Self-Care). From there, we analyze your routine and habits and provide you with tangible recommendations and solutions for each pillar.

Get in-depth insights into your performance. We’re only giving out 50 free Functional Runners Assessments. Hurry before all of the spots are claimed!


Functional Runners Assessment will allow you to learn more about yourself, set realistic targets based on where your body is currently at, and better track results in a tangible way. It will give you a unique opportunity to fine-tune your run, training and wellness.


Unlike many traditional runners assessment, we don't put you through boring treadmill drills. We evaluate what your body is made of, how it operates, its mobility, strength, balance and more.

What we care more about your stability, extension capabilities, mobility and flexibility as these are the things runners truly benefit from.

filip mroz 167499 unsplash

What we care more about your stability, extension capabilities, mobility and flexibility as these are the things runners truly benefit from.

For example, we check your Thoracic Mobility as it concerns the thoracic spine. Here, we’re looking at extension capabilities- that’s being able to arch the back and look up. This is important because, as a runner, you are in a flexed forward position all the time, with this the thoracic spine gets stuck. This impacts lung capacity because it forces the shoulders forward. We need thoracic mobility in order to pump the arms faster and to protect the thoracic spine from getting locked.

We check your internal and external rotation through the hip. Believe it or not, running uses a lot of inner and external rotation through the pelvic joint through the femur- it’s not just straight forward and back. As you run, the femur does a little bit of a circle so we want to make sure there is enough external rotation of the hip.


Over the years, we've partnered with various local organizations to help educate Ottawa runners on various training methods that aim to improve their performance and reduce chance of injury.

You may have ran into us at Tamarack Race Weekend, MEC Run Series, Wakefield Covered Bridge Run and other 613 racing events.

Supporting our community- especially businesses that share our values- is extremely important to us. For the fourth year in a row, we’ve partnered with MEC Ottawa to lead their warm-ups and cool-downs for runners.

And since 2018, we've been a proud supporter of Ottawa City Running Club (OCRC) by offering them with runner tailored workshops to help their runners develop new skills and improve their performance.

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EPIC is proud to say that Leah West Sherriff is a sponsored Athlete. She is a 70.3 Ironman specialist and recently qualified for the 70.3 World Championships by winning her age group at Ironman 70.3 Texas

Kisti has been training with us for the last two years. She is an avid hiker, trail runner and has always been physically active. When she started working with us her goal was to optimize her performance and life both on and off the trail. We could not be more proud of Kristi's accomplishments and her commitment to staying humble and continuing learning new things.

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"I could never have imagined the positive impact working with EPIC has had on my performance and my outlook on training and sport- it’s been an amazing experience!"