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#EPICkids has a simple but important mission of introducing The Four Pillars of #theEPIClife to people early in life. We bring private healthcare knowledge and training to kids on the topics of functional movement, self-care, holistic nutrition and nature as these are The Four Pillars connected to a happy, healthy and vital life.

Know a kid who is looking for an EPIC after-school activity? Every Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm we offer a $10 class for kids under 18 called #EPICAF where we teach #EPICkids' principles on a regular basis. Functional Movement, Yoga, Meditation and Group Discussion. Come hang out.


Funding for #EPICkids

#EPICkids is a FREE program offered at EPIC Fitness & Lifestyle’s Beechwood location to every school in Ottawa. All you have to do is reach out to us letting us know what age range your students are and what you have in mind.
A hike? A movement class? Healthy food workshop for kids? We got it.

100% of the proceeds from donations we receive through our School of EPIC funds #EPICkids
Programming includes professional movement instruction, food, field-trip hikes, meditation practices and more.

Grades 7-8

Grades 9-10

Grades 11-12

Grades 7 - 8
Program Focuses:

Body Awareness: How does my body feel? Where is my heart? My ribs? How does my body breathe? For this age group, we identify and teach posture for feeling good, breathing mechanics, and movements for undoing the “cellphone” and seated position.

Grades 9 - 10
Program Focuses:

Grades 11 - 12
Program Focuses:

Meditation: Practices that are 5-7 mins long that help kids get grounded, manage anxiety, let go of things that are bothering them and feel a sense of calm and peace. Understanding that we are all united – compassion, forgiveness and creating understanding amongst each other.

Mental Health: What does it feel like in my body when I am angry? What happens? Where do I feel these sensations? What does it feel like in my body when I am sad, happy, confident, enthusiastic? What are the feelings and how do we describe these feelings into words and tell the people closest to us what we are going through? How do I manage these feelings with daily practice?

Body Awareness: For this age group, we teach the importance of play and being a kid again with movement: crawling, squatting, climbing, bending, moving without instruction. This brings a sense of creativity to youth, a reduction in stress and gives them a series of movements that they can do each morning.

Meditation: Tapping into the authentic self. Who are we? Finding the power within. In a world that is so incredibly distracting and a world with so much choice, it can be difficult to hear the voice within ourselves. At this age kids care about what others think of them more than at any other age. We help them listen to the voice within.

Yoga: Yoga has a way of helping with mental health. The calm it brings to the body, the feelings of centered-ness and clarity is something that is so necessary in a world where everything is coming at us 24/7. This session will teach kids 5-7 movements to master, which will align the breath and mind with movement. Kids can leave this doing the movements at home easily. They will also learn to remove the ego from the movement, universal acceptance of those around us with no judgement.

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#EPICkids has three tiers of programming depending on the grade of your students.

See below for programming details.  

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Body Awareness: A large percentage of youth drop out of recreation and competitive sports at this age. We will introduce a variety of other methods of movement like Yoga, functional movement and dance to this age group. Kids are also sitting a lot, movements that bring them out of the seated position is key for longevity and vitality as they continue to grow. A series of simple movements will be taught that every adolescent can do on their own afterwards. The focus is on getting grounded, reducing stress and feeling good in their bodies.

Nature: Kids at this age are inside more than they are outside. They also have more independence than ever. Encouraging them to go for a hike, be outside, walk more, jog more, be in nature more, these sessions will ideally be outside on a hike and will teach kids hiking etiquette, how to dress and why nature is the best medicine for humans.

Universal care: Kids at this age now have part-time jobs and potentially money to spend. Teaching kids about their community, buying local, where their products come from and why they should care will give them decision-making power that is educated and one they can be proud of. They can give back to their community and to those around them in so many ways – brainstorming these ideas along with teaching them why this will come back to them in good feelings and in good “karma” will be the focus. With social media bringing us information about the world’s troubles, we can easily lose sight of the impact we can make in our own home, school and community. We will bring them back down to what matters.

Holistic Nutrition: Taking control of our choices and getting real about what builds a strong, capable and awesome body from the inside out. These sessions will be hands-on making nutrient-dense alternatives to popular treats and other high-sugar food items. The focus is on nutrients. Nutrients make us feel confident, energetic and healthy. This is an age where kids want to show independence, having them demonstrate this in the kitchen, especially before they go off to college or university is critical.

Meditation: Breathing techniques will be introduced that these kids can use when they do not feel like themselves. Mediation helps with sleep, in times of anger or frustration or when they feel “wired”. Pranayama and 3-part breathing techniques will be taught. Confidence comes from within and building this will be a focus with these short 5-7 mins meditations that will be introduced.