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How can I keep up to date with EPIC events and news?

You can find EPIC news by subscribing to our newsletter, following us on Facebook and Instagram, checking out our The EPIC Blog on our website, and viewing posters around the gym.


Do I always need my key tag?

Yes, there is NO entry without your key tag. Lost key tags may be replaced at a $10 fee.


Do you have lockers?

Yes, you may use the lockers during your training sessions or classes. You will need to bring a lock as they are not provided. Please take your things with you when you’re done!


Where can I park?

There is plenty of street parking surrounding EPIC with signs showing these areas.  Parking is free and gives you 3 hours of EPIC time.


What should I wear?

Comfortable pants or shorts, and a tank top or t-shirt that you can move well in. Shoes are optional; if you do prefer to wear shoes we ask you to wear indoor shoes and suggest a trainer with a wide toe box. Please note we ask clients to not expose their midriff and to dress appropriately.


Should I warm up/cool down?

Clients are expected to show up 10 mins early to warm up. The EPIC Dynamic warm up is posted at the far end of the track. Cardio equipment and the foam rollers are also available for your use. Your trainer will give you other specific warm up/cool down instructions relevant to your needs. First time? No worries, wait at the front desk for us to come get you!



Yes! Download the Mind Body App and access your account from your phone. Log in with the. email we have for you on file. Access your class schedule, the status of your account, your Agreements and, discover more EPIC classes and events going on. Please note: Agreements and uploads (personal training workouts) can only be accessed from the desktop version of the app - log in here. Your Service Agreement will have more information regarding your account with us.


How do I do my interval homework?

At EPIC, we offer group HIIT classes to compliment your training. If you are doing them on your own, do 10 rounds of 1 min work (at an intensity of 80-100%) and 1 min rest (allowing your heart rate to drop 30-40 bpm). Your trainer will give you other specific instructions relevant to your needs.


How do I book classes?

Group classes may be booked either through the front desk or through the MindBody App. For Yoga, mat rentals are available if needed for $2.


How much notice do I need to give to cancel my personal training session?

We require a 24-hour notice given to either your trainer or the front desk in order to not be charged your session. Health services have the same cancellation policy.


Does EPIC offer any other services to complement my training?

Towel service is available for a $5 free bi-weekly. EPIC has a large variety of health services including Physiotherapy, Naturopathy, Holistic Nutrition, Pelvic-floor Therapy, Energy Healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, Gua-sha, Cupping, and Massage Therapy. EPIC also hosts group classes, workshops and community events to can enhance your training experience and holistic lifestyle so you can progress faster.


What should I eat PRE workout?

Something light, easily digestible 30 mins before you begin your workout or fasted if you prefer. Using a high-quality pre workout supplement is also encouraged for maximum energy. *Avoid larger meals, and high fat or protein foods.


What should I drink during my sessions?

WATER!!!  We have a Brita filter which you can refill your water bottle and flow water to purchase. Metal or glass water bottles are best.  You can also fill your water with electrolytes like Endura and/or BCAAs. **see the front desk for more details.


What should I eat POST workout?

Something nutritious which is high in protein and replenishes your energy and enhances your recovery within 30-60 mins after your workout. The best solution is one of our EPIC smoothies with our vegan brown rice protein powder which have been specifically designed to reduce inflammation, recover your muscles and give you optimal nutrition.


What supplements should I take to get started?

At EPIC, we only carry the highest quality supplements - they are all Naturopathic grade and/or formulated locally in partnership with Staterra. The basic three we recommend to start with are: Probiotic, Multi-Nutrient, and Fish Oil. Another basic is Protein - we carry New Zealand Whey, Collagen, Pea and our own line of Vegan Brown Rice protein. Please see our supplementation guide or talk to the front desk for phase/condition specific supplements. Our Front Desk staff can help!


Where should I get my food?

Just like your supplements, it is essential that you get high-quality foods to fuel your body. Always try to eat whole foods which are organic and locally sourced.  Here are some suggestions on where to go: our own Basecamp Café, Natures Buzz, True Local, Whole Foods, Farm Boy, Rainbow foods, Herb & Spice. We suggest local, organic when possible and high in inflammatory-free nutrients. Also, check out the local farmers market at Optimiste Park in Beechwood and Lansdowne.

 How does the Level System work with Personal Trainers at EPIC?

Our trainers first complete our exclusive On-Boarding Mentorship program that takes them through our unique EPIC programming method and evaluation process anchored in our 4 pillars: Functional Training, Holistic Nutrition, Nature and Self-Care. They receive continued education by Founder Stephanie Karlovits, by approved industry leaders and they complete courses externally individually and as a team based on their own individual interests in wellness. They progressively move through our 5 Levels during their employment with us and aim for one Level Advancement each year.

Each trainer can move to the next Level by completing a certain number of experience hours (client time!), education stars, community volunteer work, testimonials, achieving an 80% or more on their Performance Review and team-member endorsements. Each Level Advancement is approved and granted by Stephanie to ensure merit and to celebrate the next step.  As a client, a Level 1 trainer has general knowledge of all pillars with supervision from management and colleagues, Level 2 has intermediate knowledge, Level 3 has advanced knowledge, Level 4 has expert knowledge and Level 5 is pioneering exclusive EPIC education and works closely with Stephanie for further trainer education internally.  The difference in Levels for you as a client is experienced in terms of niche population knowledge like training through pregnancy, specific injury rehabilitation knowledge, concussion rehabilitation, emotional eating, etc. Level 1s work best with those needing general balance in all 4 pillars, Level 2s with those needing Intermediate knowledge, Level 3s Advanced and so on. Each Level has a price difference per session.


How does training work at EPIC?

Every EPIC clients' program is individualized based on goals and the science of progressing overall health and function.  The process of going through different training phases in order to efficiently reach your goals is called "Periodization".  At the end of each 4-6 week phase, you will be given an evaluation to see how your progress is going and set specific measurable goals for the next phase.  Clients can expect their full Periodization to be explained to them in detail with their trainer and will reflect their overall goals. This includes lifestyle coaching along with your regular training program.


How can I tell if I'm getting results?

EPIC Trainers do an evaluation at the end of each phase to reflect on your progress, refine the overall strategy and get ready for the next phase.  You will also likely notice changes yourself such as increased energy, happiness, confidence, clothing fitting differently, increased muscle definition, ease in daily life tasks, and a more positive mood.


How soon should I be seeing results?

Assuming that you are following the EPIC formula and consistently improving your overall lifestyle, you should see consistent results at every Evaluation with your trainer.


How long does it take to lose weight?

Losing 1-2 pounds per week can be expected when following the EPIC Life Formula. It is multi-variable and, as so, losing weight has to do with your happiness levels, connection with nature, community as well as movement and training. We incorporate events, hikes and opportunities for you to shed the weight of your worries as well as physical weight through our methods. If you feel like you're still doing everything right and the scale is still not budging, there may be other factors at play (ex hormones, food sensitivity, stress, lack of sleep, etc).  At which point, we would recommend that you see one of our other on-site practitioners (ex naturopath, holistic nutritionist, etc). It is also good to note the changes your body is going through will vary based of your training phase. Some phases are geared more towards building muscle mass which means your weight may not drop but your body fat percentage still will. Your trainer will go over specifics expectation you can have in regards to muscle mass gain and weight loss.

Signing up for our events (free movie nights, hikes, community events), subscribing to our newsletter, and nourishing yourself (see the Cafe), is a way to guarantee success.  Everything we have and everything we do is available solely to move you forward towards an EPIC Life.

We also has a fantastic blog full of resources to help you be successful on your journey. Below are a couple to get you started.

EPIC Life Formula

EPIC vs The Other Guys


Why does my trainer suggest I do long term training?

Studies have shown committing to long term training not only improves results but also makes sure that the results last. The reason for this is that real results come from lifestyle change. We are literally rewiring your habits and routines and this takes time.  It takes around six months to go through a full cycle of functional training where you really get to experience training, build new habits, and get results. After that, we need to make sure these new lifestyle habits remain consistent as you transition to taking responsibility for your own continued training.  It takes around six months to educate you on how to do it for yourself while transitioning you smoothly so that you can continue with the EPIC Life and getting amazing, long-lasting results. Remember, it took you a long time to have the habits you have now for better or worse, re-wiring takes time too. We aren’t interested in one-offs - we want this life enhancement to stick long-term.


Why do you not recommend training with a trainer only once a month or twice a month?

Functional training is not easy. What we do is a science and unless you really have studied biomechanics, psychology, physics and the curve of behavior change, you will not have enough information to do this effectively on your own. We are doing more than counting to 10 and being your cheerleader - we give you macro and micro-strategies that reverse engineer your goals and your ideal EPIC life into 2-3 hours of training per week.Anyone can do workouts, we are more than that and it takes time to re-wire the body and the brain to match what you want. People get the best results when they have a professional to keep them accountable to their training program and correct their form to ensure quality movements while simultaneously monitoring and inspiring life habit change with nutrition, nature and self care.


What if I do not want to be weighed?

The scale is merely a tool to evaluate and track progress. There are many other ways to track your progress including body measurements, pictures, clothing size, and lifestyle, psychological, and movement assessments. Although we highly encourage it (even if you don’t see the number and only your trainer sees it) it is not mandatory as a client. We value more than your weight and body fat % and prove that to you in our holistic assessments.


Are training sessions an hour?

Yes, personal training sessions are an hour. As professionals, we do not think anything less than an hour per session is effective. Science shows that neuro-muscular development takes repetition. Remember, 2-3 hours a week on your strength, mobility, cardio training and body health is not a lot - the healthiest parts of the world move 3-4 hours per day! 30 mins 3 times a week is just not enough for our bones and muscles to be healthy long term. With 2-3 hours a week we see major progress!At the beginning this hour includes: warm-up, work out, and cool-down. Once you have mastered your warm up it is expected that you show up 5-10 minutes before your session to warm up on your own.


Should I workout on my own as well as with my trainer?

It depends on your goals and needs. Your trainer will prescribe realistic and appropriate homework meaning that it will be something easily doable and the most beneficial for you. If you don’t have time for extra homework, that is not a problem! Our training methods ensure that we cover everything you need to continue improving and moving towards your goals. Types of homework may include: workouts, cardiovascular training, interval training, foam rolling, stretching, meditation, being out in nature, playing, and/or other health services.


Will I be sore after each workout?

It completely depends! Unlike traditional bodybuilding or powerlifting, where you are sore after each workout,  our training methods incorporate mobility and functional movements into your program that help stimulate recovery right away.  Your trainer will also teach you proper recovery techniques to ease any soreness you may have so that you can actually move and walk the next day.  When your body is challenged or is learning something new then it may become sore in order to adapt. Remember, everybody is different. Some people are always sore, others very rarely.   If you are concerned and don’t want to be sore, just tell your trainer and they will ease you into it!


Do I pay per time?

No, you do not pay per time. Why? Because we need a strategy and a plan that will guarantee that we will get you where you are wanting to go not just to lose weight but for your LIFE.  Our process is broken down into 2 cycles of 6 months to guarantee you success! We will be sure to set you set up with a payment plan that works for you and gets you where you want to go. Keep in mind this is completely customizable, although most people commit to cycles of training, the number of sessions you will get will depend on YOU!


I just started training and I think I am gaining weight - why is that?

As you start training your body will begin to build muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat so even though you will be losing fat and building muscle the number on the scale may increase. You and your trainer will look at other markers including energy level, how clothing is fitting, and your body fat percentage which can all be moving in the right direction while weight is going up!  Talk with your trainer if you are concerned and they may adjust your nutrition recommendations and homework as necessary.


My appetite is increasing, what do I do about it?

Appetite is not usually the issue. An appetite for healthy veggies, protein, nuts and seeds is good!  Most people are concerned that an increased appetite will lead to weight gain. If you follow the EPIC Life Formula for nutrition and fill up on veggies, healthy fats, fibre instead of carbs and you will see better results! If you are doing this already and your body is still hungry it is likely  because it needs more fuel due to new physical demands. You and your trainer will look at your food, make sure that you are getting all the nutrients you need, following guidelines from your trainer about what changes to make for your personal goals and needs.


What should I eat before and after training? A general guideline: fruit 30-60 mins before training, protein post-training. Your trainer will provide you with more information and guidelines specific to you.


The first phase of training my trainer said it will be slower, will I still see results?

You will see and feel drastic results because the first phase of training is focused on learning proper movement mechanics and strengthening the brain-body connection. This means that you will be likely moving your body in new ways and ranges which results in building new muscle tissue and neural pathways. Yes, it will be slower, but it will not be an easy workout. Often, people are sorer after this phase than later, quicker phases.


How much is nutrition part of the process?

Nutrition plays a huge role in reaching any goal. The EPIC Life formula for nutrition is four cups of healthy fats, fibers, and greens per day. Your trainer will give you more specific nutrition guidelines from our holistic nutritionists based on your needs and goals. For the best results or for personalized meal plans, we recommend that clients work with a holistic nutritionist thought the first six months of their training.

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