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We lift, we squat, we run, we bend, we twist, we strategize, we shop, we hydrate, all under one roof. EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle is a facility designed to meet all your health and fitness needs.

Not your typical gym; this is an immaculately clean, small community gym + full health centre. It's a space that boasts an array of equipment that an athletic performance facility would offer along with fresh showers, a calming yoga and relaxation studio, inspiring cardio area, high performance lifting main space and shop providing you with all your health and fitness needs. Think it's impressive? Just wait until you see it full of our amazing staff and incredible clients just like you.

immaculately clean showers and washrooms

Tires, ropes, kettlebells, rings and a unique medicine ball slam wall

Carbon monoxide detector to ensure oxygen ratios are at top performance percentages

Turf track and prowler

EPIC life shop with Naturopathic-Grade supplements