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We are Ottawa’s premium functional training facility and holistic lifestyle company that helps clients attain the EPIC life through four pillars: functional movement, holistic nutrition, exposure to nature and self-care.

We believe that Personal Training is more than just helping clients get in shape. It’s about helping them to get on the right path towards the ultimate health and happiness that lasts a lifetime.

If you believe in a holistic lifestyle and preach it yourself, join us in the movement towards the EPIC life!

Community is everything to us. We learn together, grow together, succeed together. We support one another and lean on one another. We are all about lifting each other up. The process isn't always pretty but when we work together and appreciate one another, we can accomplish any goal.



We are looking for Functional Personal Trainers, who believe that there is more to their career than just coaching workouts and are ready to share their knowledge with others and inspire people to live the EPIC life!

Be part of an innovative, forward-thinking company that is focused on bettering the lives of its staff, clients and community.

- Adrienne, Personal Trainer

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Everybody here is so knowledgeable and they're all willing to teach you.

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✔ Complimentary membership to use the gym facility and group classes
✔ Exclusive staff discounts on training and products

✔ Exclusive discounts on trainer education through EPIC partnerships
✔ Free access to The School of EPIC Workshop Series
✔ Employee benefits for full time staff
✔ Exclusive EPIC Mentorship program

personal training careerS AT EPIC

- Marissa, Personal Trainer

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Everyone here is about living! They don't just wanna be a status quo, they wanna break it!

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At EPIC we are different. We put your life and your health first. It's your biggest asset!
We trust you, we provide training and mentorship, benefits, self-care bonuses and education discounts.

EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle is currently looking for a Naturopathic Doctor & Holistic Nutritionist/Personal Trainer to join our team. Click to apply below!

We are always looking for exceptional characters, who aim to inspire and want to be a part of something special. If you are interested in joining our community, ‍‍ please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]:


- Andrew, Personal Trainer

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I was able to learn and expand and become the best trainer i didn't even know i was capable of!

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What does it take to be hired as a Personal Trainer at EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle?

Are you a team player who values client experience?

Do you have a positive, professional attitude and live each day with enthusiasm?
If so, we encourage you to apply to become Personal Trainer at EPIC!

We are currently looking for full-time and part-time trainers, including recent graduates and current students.

We always get questions about our hiring process. What does it take to be hired as a Personal Trainer at EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle? What certifications, values, personality traits and qualities do we look for? In the video below our Founder/CEO Stephanie Karlovits discusses the Personal Training position at EPIC.