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Running on Plants - the Vegan Advantage


Running on Plants - the Vegan AdvantageCan you be a Vegan Athlete? Kyle den Bak is here to tell you how! He'll touch on setting your foundation, simplify nutrition, help you understand caloric density, macros, and removing the fear of Carbs. He will tell you how much protein do you really need, will debunk myths, inspire you with plants and make sure you are fuelling yourself for activity with some plant based performance tips.

Kyle is a personal trainer who specializes in plant-based nutrition, long distance running and healthy lifestyle habits.

"I'm educated as a high school teacher and fitness coach. I have found my calling in helping others achieve their best health. Simple habits can change your life! I've worked with everyone from health seekers, to media personalities and professional athletes.

For over ten years, I've motivated hundreds of people. I can help you develop rock-solid exercise habits and adopt optimal plant-based nutrition. Discover a new level of well-being and performance!

When I'm not being a fitness mentor, I'm likely running up mountains in the Adirondacks or under the shade of a tree with my nose in a good book.”

Join us Saturday April 22nd at 12pm at EPIC Fitness (1459 Ogilvie Rd)
We welcome all members of the community, EPIC clients and first time visitors!
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12:00 PM to 01:00 PM