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Why It's Important to Have Protein Options

28.08.2018 by Stephanie Karlovits

When you look at our product shelves you will no doubt see our EPIC Brown Rice protein, but that’s not the only kind of protein you’ll find. While we offer our own line of supplements, we recognize (and encourage!) the importance of switching up your protein sources and we want to make that as easy for you as possible. In addition to our ...

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The Opening of our Basecamp Cafe!

06.06.2018 by Stephanie Karlovits

One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from clients over the years is that healthy food is inconvenient, not delicious, and…. it’s very confusing as to what healthy food actually is. It has always been my dream to offer nutrient-dense, holistic (consideration for the environment, packaging, where it was made), quick and delicious food t...

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Turmeric Milk (aka Golden Milk): Vegan, Delicious

08.02.2017 by Stephanie Karlovits

When you’ve got a cold, or you’ve just gotten in after a day skating, tobogganing or running errands in the Ottawa deep-freeze and you’re craving something thicker than tea, but not health-debilitating like hot chocolate, what do you do? You make this incredible turmeric milk which will take you less than 10 mins to make and less than 2 m...

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