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Buddy Up for these Partner Workouts

24.11.2017 by Stephanie Karlovits

Studies show that working out with a partner can have many benefits. We just want people to exercise no matter what and have no excuses- especially if there are friends around that can help out! These moves actually give you a really good workout. They might be a little harder than you anticipate but they are loads of fun! Check them out ...

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Workout at Home

03.11.2017 by Stephanie Karlovits

We understand that life gets busy and that makes getting to the gym tough. But that doesn’t mean that your health should take a backseat. Instead of letting your fitness slip, you can continue to stay in shape at home! These exercises are great on their own or linked together into a circuit routine. Check them out in action from our segme...

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Mix Up Your Pushup Variations

26.10.2017 by Stephanie Karlovits

Pushups are a main staple exercise but they can get boring and repetitive. Why not mix it up? There are plenty of progressions and variations with this exercise so we’d like to share a few of them with you. Remember that you should always go for your own depth and as you get stronger, they’ll get deeper! Check out these pushup variations ...

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