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Animal Flow......Animal What??

21.11.2017 by Stephanie Karlovits

You may see Animal Flow kicking around our group class schedule and think "What is that?" Animal Flow is an innovative workout developed and refined by Mike Fitch, a creator of many bodyweight-based fitness programs. Animal Flow focuses on ground-based quadrupedal movements that encourage core stability and strength, joint strength, and b...

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Why Restorative Yoga?

05.10.2017 by Meghan Johnston

When I was 19 I was unhappy, experiencing anxiety and depression, and felt disconnected from the world around me. These feelings and emotions took up residence in my body and I began to experience a number of health issues including problems with my digestion, fatigue and trouble sleeping at night, problems with my immune system, and join...

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3 Uneventful Exercises that Make a BIG Difference

20.09.2017 by Stephanie Karlovits

When you see all these cool videos on Facebook and YouTube of people doing parkour, tumbling or some crazy cool exercises, you’re not really seeing what is going on behind the scenes.We have three really great exercises for you that will help to make a big difference in your everyday activities as well as how you execute other exercises. ...

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Feeling Strong

07.09.2017 by Marissa Hamon

I joined EPIC Fitness in Sept. 2016 when a friend recommended both the gym and her personal trainer there, Marissa. At EPIC, they have a holistic approach to overall health. Marissa, and all the other trainers, are very well educated in all areas of health (not to mention hard working and dedicated). I have a great respect for the facilit...

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