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Save Your Heart

23.10.2019 by Stephanie Karlovits

One of the things we see with our clients quite a bit is their worry about heart health; a parent or family member has experienced a heart attack or stroke and there is a fear that the same will happen to them. Through our four pillars, we can create in effect “medicines” to take care of your ticker- and ensure it continues going strong f...

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How to Burn Fat

11.09.2019 by Stephanie Karlovits

One of the main reasons why people first walk through our doors- or the doors to any gym for that matter. They want to lose weight. What most people don’t realize off the bat however is that losing weight and burning fat is more than just logging hours in the gym. And with the EPIC philosophy, we’re here to improve aaaall aspects of your ...

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The Yin + Yang Challenge

03.01.2019 by Stephanie Karlovits

In this century, this new age of technology and change, there is so much opportunity at our fingertips, so much so that it can be overwhelming. We don’t know what to change and what to keep. The tendency to do what we have always done is seductive. We tend to praise the busy bees, and with that validation, it can be tough to go against th...

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Our NEW Class Schedule

21.11.2018 by Stephanie Karlovits

It is NOW HERE! Our NEW class schedule is out for you to take a gander at and fall in love with. The new schedule begins Monday, November 26th. Before you look at it, let me tell you why we are offering what we’re offering. Here is the inside scoop… EPIC Fitness has always been different. We have been committed to disrupting the fitness i...

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This HIIT Packs a Punch

30.05.2018 by Stephanie Karlovits

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is really where it’s at. When we say it packs a punch, we mean the kind of get-your-butt-in-gear punch that really shows results. If one of the goals for your training is fat loss, HIIT is non-negotiable. There is sooo much science and research showing that this kind of training is most effective in...

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