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How To Reflect On & Track Your Goals

06.02.2020 by Stephanie Karlovits

February is traditionally the time of year when people get the blues. Not only does it feel like winter may never end but we’re starting to recuperate from indulging over the holidays and shorter days lend to lower energy levels. That makes it no surprise then that this is also about the time of year when people start to fall off track wi...

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Self-Care Goals and Why You Should Make Them

22.01.2020 by Stephanie Karlovits

In writing our last blog about resolutions (shameless plug!) there was one thought that kept cropping up. Although we support and feel that it is important to set goals in all four of our foundational pillars (Functional Training, Holistic Nutrition, Nature, and Self-Care), we can’t help but feel that every kind of goal set, at its root, ...

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How Our Pillars Power Your Resolutions

08.01.2020 by Stephanie Karlovits

Is it just us or have New Year’s Resolutions become a bit stigmatized? Every year we take January 1st as a less-than-arbitrary deadline to improve our lives. Admirable? Sure. But, as proponents of year-round goal-setting (and achieving!), we have structured our programs and philosophies in a way that can power you through your resolutions...

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