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How To Unlock Your Potential in 48 Hours

11.04.2019 by Stephanie Karlovits

Are you an escape artist when things get overwhelming? You know, sensing when you need to escape the everyday monotony to recharge and rejuvenate? It sounds so great in theory but how often do we see people come back from their vacations as tired and checked-out as when they left? To take a break that will really help you refocus and refl...

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Your Spring Lineup: Upcoming EPIC Events

19.03.2019 by Stephanie Karlovits

We know your health isn’t just about the workouts. We host community events because we recognize the basic human need to belong and spend time surrounded by positive people with similar interests or journeys. Since we’ve opened, we’ve held over 200 successful events. The tradition continues strong with our spring lineup! SPECIALTY EVENTS ...

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Fearless Fall

07.11.2018 by Stephanie Karlovits

Getting fearless and ready for change with fall Fall is a time we often associate with changing colours, pumpkin spice and big cozy scarves- things that offer us comfort. On the other hand, with the days get shorter and the weather gets colder and many of us can’t help but fall (no pun intended) into a sluggish state of “it’s too cold out...

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New Month, New Energy, New Events

05.09.2018 by Stephanie Karlovits

September for many symbolizes the start of something new. When we get into the habit of starting school in September for so long (or still are in that habit), it is hard to ignore the obvious change in energy that this month brings. We however are excited for this new energy! And we encourage you to embrace it. Why not channel new energy ...

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