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Life Changer of the Month: Brain Octane

18.09.2018 by Stephanie Karlovits

As you know we are all about efficient human optimization in movement, medicine and food. Brain Octane is a human optimization tool that we can’t ignore! Read on for more specifics. Brain Octane at first might sound … scary. With anything brain-related it’s fair to be wary. And the word “octane” elicits images of powerful, fast, revving c...

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The Proof Is In The Practice

18.07.2018 by Stephanie Karlovits

When we take a holistic approach to our health we’re considering not only our body but our mind and soul as well. Meditation is a growing practice that has been (and continues to be) scientifically proven to aid in all three of those areas. Jewelia Orlick is a meditation teacher who runs our meditation classes. She is the kind of person w...

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Recognize Your Abundance

26.06.2018 by Stephanie Karlovits

Lately, I have been talking a lot about the power of abundance. With the Summer Solstice upon us I find it hard not to talk and reevaluate abundance since Nature is gearing up for it’s most abundant season this year. I spent this past weekend with 19 incredible people at The EPIC Life Retreat at Gaia Wellness Retreat Centre and our theme ...

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Life Changer of the Month: Magnesium

30.04.2018 by Stephanie Karlovits

Magnesium is not just another element on the periodic table that you needed to memorize in your high school chemistry class and obviously here we’re not talking about magnesium in its metallic state. Our muscles desperately need the mineral Magnesium otherwise they would constantly be in a state of contraction and our bodies would not be ...

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