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Losing Weight and Gaining Self-Awareness

05.10.2017 by Kathleen Holt

When Marie-Eve first started at EPIC, she had little knowledge of the science behind exercise and nutrition. With her full commitment to the process, it made my time with her so exciting and rewarding. Her goals were pretty simple when we first met each other- “lose some weight for her wedding”. As our time together increased, she quickly...

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Feeling Strong

07.09.2017 by Marissa Hamon

I joined EPIC Fitness in Sept. 2016 when a friend recommended both the gym and her personal trainer there, Marissa. At EPIC, they have a holistic approach to overall health. Marissa, and all the other trainers, are very well educated in all areas of health (not to mention hard working and dedicated). I have a great respect for the facilit...

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From Myself, Not For Myself, Do I Want Better?

13.07.2017 by Stephanie Karlovits

I recently reflected on my time at EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle. I started with them not long after they opened their doors to the world. I have been fortunate to have seen the dramatic evolution of EPIC to EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle. Upon reflection, I realized with the time and money I put in I could’ve gotten a car or a house. But instead, I...

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My Year with Marissa

26.06.2017 by Stephanie Karlovits

Marissa has improved the quality and the direction of my life: I am one of the fortunate few to know her. In Marissa’s approach to whole body/mind fitness, she understands just which mode of training to employ in any given sessions. In my case, those sessions would range from me being full of energy and life to me hurting and feeling weak...

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Preventing Injury in High Performance Athletes

05.06.2017 by Kathleen Holt

I am a high performance triathlete but I’ve suffered from a lot of injuries over the years. These injuries have often held me back from performing my best. After yet another series of injuries in the fall of 2016 I knew I needed to find a way to break the training/injury/rehab cycle and build strength that could sustain the volume of trai...

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