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Finding Luc: An EPIC Success Story

11.05.2017 by Kathleen Holt

At one point, I thought that I was on top of my athletic game; I was playing rugby for Team Ontario, and on Canada’s radar. That all took quite the turn when I decided that I wanted to be ME. Playing sports was my father’s dream for me…I just wanted to be Luc. Time passed, I stopped playing sports and I didn’t eat properly. As a result, m...

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From Consistent Knee Pain to a Badass Squatter

19.04.2017 by Jessie Lindley

Some kids have dreams about flying. Ever since I can remember, I have had dreams about running. Running like the wind. Light. Free. Effortless. The ease of movement I felt in those dreams - I have never felt during my waking-time. I am a nutritionist. I’m all about the food. As co-founder of Feed Me Ottawa, I’ve got that DOWN. That moveme...

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You don’t lack MOTIVATION, you lack DOPAMINE

31.03.2017 by Stephanie Karlovits

How many times have you heard yourself or others say, “That goal just doesn’t M O T I V A T E me” or, “I just have no motivation to go for that promotion at work” or, “I don’t F E E L like it!” We keep waiting for this jolt of motivation to wash over us. We think that our environment, the people around us or the task that is given to us n...

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Success Story: A Healthier Future For Me!

16.03.2017 by Marissa Hamon

A Healthier Future for me because of EPIC Fitness! I joined EPIC Fitness last September after getting negative results from my stress test at the Heart Institute that were caused by my lack of exercise, eating habits and too much work. I decided it was time to get my life back and look forward to a healthier future. I had been recovering ...

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Broadening the Horizons of Personal Training: The Untapped World of Skype Training

15.03.2017 by Kate Spack

Having been in the fitness industry for the last 5 years, I’ve trained a lot of clients face-to-face in the gym. However, technology is advancing so quickly that our reach for helping people is only increasing. Distance is no longer a barrier to the personal training experience. Being a personal trainer also means we are problem-solvers a...

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