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Our February Book Drive

05.02.2018 by Stephanie Karlovits

An important aspect of health is the purging of stuff. Holding on to things we no longer need can be a habit that extends beyond your closet or, in this month’s initiative, your bookshelf. The state of our physical space is often a reflection of the state of our bodies and minds. Negative self-talk and that extra 20 lbs you are carrying a...

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**NEW Beechwood Group Class Schedule**

02.11.2017 by Stephanie Karlovits

Our Beechwood Ave. Group Class Schedule has been announced! Choose from 26 classes each week to build your EPIC life. Our classes are focused on functional movement and self-care – 2 of the 4 pillars of our foundational teaching: #theEPIClife. 11 different classes to inspire you and to move you. From Yogi Flow which is a standard Hatha Yo...

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Mix Up Your Pushup Variations

26.10.2017 by Stephanie Karlovits

Pushups are a main staple exercise but they can get boring and repetitive. Why not mix it up? There are plenty of progressions and variations with this exercise so we’d like to share a few of them with you. Remember that you should always go for your own depth and as you get stronger, they’ll get deeper! Check out these pushup variations ...

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Let's Get Coordinated

19.10.2017 by Stephanie Karlovits

Coordination is a big component of success people will find in the gym. Most people think of coordination in regards to athletics or with aging but it truly is for everyone. When you are in a group class or are trying to do certain movements in the gym but aren’t sure how your body fires, you’re not going to be concerned with calorie-burn...

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EPIC Protein and Supplements: Our Road to Designing our own Line

03.08.2017 by Stephanie Karlovits

I am a skeptic by nature. Whenever presented with a powder or a pill that promises results I usually doubt it. I like to dig into ingredients, read the research and then make my decision. I take my role as a health and fitness advisor to my clients and the community very seriously. I like to consider not only the ingredients of a product,...

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