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EPIC Meal Delivery - Fresh and Organic Meals with Feed Me Ottawa

10.04.2017 by Stephanie Karlovits

In December, I toured Feed Me Ottawa to size up their new recipes and chat all things organic and edible with owner Brendan Gorman. I had been looking to partner with a local meal delivery service for a while, but the companies I sat with always seemed to be missing something.  They were too expensive, their minimum order amount was too h...

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Introducing: The Community Partners Program

28.03.2017 by Alyssa Fleck

Our clients come to EPIC to live an EPIC life, not just to lose 10lbs. We’ve got the functional training down pat, but we wanted to expose our clients to other amazing products and services that can help them live a more EPIC life. We turned to Ottawa and asked, “Who can we partner with for the sake of our client’s holistic health and wel...

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My Own Resolution Rehab and How I've Learned to Achieve the Goals that Matter Most to Me

19.12.2016 by Stephanie Karlovits

In 2009, I was nominated for Fitness Manager of the Year, which was a huge deal. I had worked 60-hour weeks for 12 months solid, hit every single sales target, and serviced as many personal training clients as I could. It was extremely exhilarating… and extremely hard! When I got the email from my boss saying, “You have been nominated for...

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ORTHO-ADAPT and ORTHO-GLUCOSE: Set up your Holiday Body and Mind for Success

08.12.2016 by Stephanie Karlovits

The holidays and WINTER can be a challenging time – high expectations, extra time to get places, more darkness and more temptation to exercise less and eat more. When are bodies are going through seasonal changes, it’s essential to protect them in order to keep our wellbeing and energy levels high. We are more likely to overeat on sugar, ...

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OSCAP: Strong Bones for Weight Loss, Better Posture and Health

06.09.2016 by Stephanie Karlovits

Three Strategies for Strong Bones EPIC Fitness supplies bone support in the form of Thorne’s OSCAP, this month’s Life Changer of the Month! Article from Poliquin™ Editorial Staff 5/10/2012 1:14:49 PM It’s easy to ignore the health of your b...

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