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3 Uneventful Exercises that Make a BIG Difference

20.09.2017 by Stephanie Karlovits

When you see all these cool videos on Facebook and YouTube of people doing parkour, tumbling or some crazy cool exercises, you’re not really seeing what is going on behind the scenes.We have three really great exercises for you that will help to make a big difference in your everyday activities as well as how you execute other exercises. ...

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Undo that Shoulder Hunch!

07.09.2017 by Stephanie Karlovits

September is a month of productivity. We are returning to school, work and our normal routines which means hunching over our desks, phones and other devices. We’re going to find ourselves in this position a lot more than we should be so we need to undo it. This position means we have internally rotated shoulders, we have a tight chest and...

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