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Self-Care Goals and Why You Should Make Them

22.01.2020 by Stephanie Karlovits

In writing our last blog about resolutions (shameless plug!) there was one thought that kept cropping up. Although we support and feel that it is important to set goals in all four of our foundational pillars (Functional Training, Holistic Nutrition, Nature, and Self-Care), we can’t help but feel that every kind of goal set, at its root, ...

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How To Not Be "That Person" At They Gym

15.01.2020 by Stephanie Karlovits

For those in our industry, January is, of course, a busy time. There is an influx of gym-goers striving to meet their New Years Resolutions and a boatload of new inquiries from those trying to turn a new leaf, determined to make this year their year. We love that. We love everything about anything that you are doing to create a healthier,...

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How Our Pillars Power Your Resolutions

08.01.2020 by Stephanie Karlovits

Is it just us or have New Year’s Resolutions become a bit stigmatized? Every year we take January 1st as a less-than-arbitrary deadline to improve our lives. Admirable? Sure. But, as proponents of year-round goal-setting (and achieving!), we have structured our programs and philosophies in a way that can power you through your resolutions...

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Life Changer of the Month: Ortho-Adapt

06.01.2020 by Stephanie Karlovits

Winter can be a challenging time – high expectations, extra time to get places, more darkness and more temptation to exercise less and eat more. When our bodies are going through seasonal changes, it’s essential to protect them in order to keep our wellbeing and energy levels high. We are more likely to overeat on sugar, over-stress and e...

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Conscious Holidays

16.12.2019 by Stephanie Karlovits

We should be enjooooying the holidays. But so often we hear how stressed out people are at this time of year. Between holiday parties, getting food and gifts organized, getting ahead with work or exams before some well-deserved rest, we understand it can be exhausting. It’s times like this though where we need to really focus an extra eff...

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