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Master These FAA Movements

19.02.2019 by Stephanie Karlovits

You move at top speed. Always. You’re ambitious and you find it nearly impossible to slow down. It’s a lot easier to amp yourself up. We understand. But this is why we introduce you to the Functional Anatomical Adaptation (FAA) phase when you start training with us. Slowing down here is non-negotiable. The exercises we go through in this ...

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What Supp? Our Supplemental Guide to the FAA Phase

12.02.2019 by Stephanie Karlovits

We take plenty of things into account when we are designing your periodization chart- including your nutrition. It may surprise some but you cannot get all of your required nutrients from food. Even for people who eat the recommended fruit and veggie servings, it is difficult to get in all the vitamins and minerals our bodies need. The tr...

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Life Changer of the Month: Basic Tools

05.02.2019 by Stephanie Karlovits

Greatness cannot be built on a weak foundation. The basics start with proper mobility and wise recovery for every stage of life and performance. We start with basics because that is the most effective way to set our clients up for success. More often than not, it’s the simple things that can make a big difference. No matter what stage of ...

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It's Okay to be Basic: Welcome to EPIC FAA Phase

02.02.2019 by Stephanie Karlovits

“Why aren’t I sweating or lifting heavy yet?” Remember that question when your first started your periodization plan with your trainer at EPIC? When we create your periodization plan after your assessment, we strategize a plan for you that ensures optimal function, optimal lifestyle habit evolution and optimal injury-prevention and fixing...

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Something in the Way You Move

29.01.2019 by Stephanie Karlovits

Master These: Anterior Reach and the 10-and-2 When you join EPIC we put you through a very specific Functional Movement Assessment which is a part of our EPIC Life Assessment which I designed. We do a lot of investigative work when it comes to that assessment and don’t show you much, but with this piece we want to let you in a little more...

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