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Author: Marissa Hamon

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Growth and Recovery

01.08.2018 by Marissa Hamon

This is the story of one of our clients who prefers to stay anonymous; so let’s just call her Jane for this story. I began to work with Jane in August 2015. In the beginning, it was a challenge for her since she had previously been going to a trainer she was familiar with whom she had grown to trust over the years to me, a trainer she did...

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The True Meaning of Failures

26.06.2018 by Marissa Hamon

Failures. Whoa, that is a big word. My initial gut reaction when I hear it is that I did something wrong and my efforts just didn’t cut it. Then everything seems like its off. Failure is real, very real, and we experience it in so many different areas of our life all the time. Let’s talk this out. Failure doesn’t necessarily mean that you...

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Finding Direction Again

04.06.2018 by Marissa Hamon

Before I came to EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle I was feeling a little lost in my fitness journey. I had ended a varsity hockey career a couple years prior and during that time had suffered four concussions. This had set me back with post-concussion symptoms of multiple headaches a day and chronic neck pain. I was unable to get through a regula...

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Feeling Strong

07.09.2017 by Marissa Hamon

I joined EPIC Fitness in Sept. 2016 when a friend recommended both the gym and her personal trainer there, Marissa. At EPIC, they have a holistic approach to overall health. Marissa, and all the other trainers, are very well educated in all areas of health (not to mention hard working and dedicated). I have a great respect for the facilit...

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Success Story: A Healthier Future For Me!

16.03.2017 by Marissa Hamon

A Healthier Future for me because of EPIC Fitness! I joined EPIC Fitness last September after getting negative results from my stress test at the Heart Institute that were caused by my lack of exercise, eating habits and too much work. I decided it was time to get my life back and look forward to a healthier future. I had been recovering ...

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