In January 2019 I was not looking forward to another winter of being afraid to walk outside in the snow and icy sidewalks. I had fallen several winters in a row and messed up my knee. I had tried regular gyms and fitness classes such as yoga. But I still felt off balance and clumsy. Then I discovered Epic Fitness. 

At Epic the focus is on functional fitness, a term I had never heard before, but it turns out it was exactly what I needed. I also liked the fact that I would have a personal trainer, someone to coach me and keep me honest in showing up and not giving up. This was key!

The first assessment was an eye-opener, I could hardly do any of the exercises but my coach was very supportive and encouraged me saying I would get better. 

It was slow going and I had setbacks along the way. That was discouraging and I felt like quitting after I injured my knee from stepping off the bus. Encouraged by my trainer, I explored Fascial Stretch Therapy one of the options at The Clinic to get back on track.

The support at Epic Fitness is phenomenal, from the smiling staff members at the front desk who often play my favourite tunes while working out (thank you Jan!) to the class instructors saying a cheery hello as they pass by when I’m working out (hello Ashley!) to the services of the health professionals in The Clinic, (Emma and Brianna), it has been an incredibly supportive environment. 

The stars in all of this has to be my personal trainers Anne-Sophie, Brianna and Flo. They have encouraged me literally every step of the way to reclaiming my body awareness, balance and confidence. The best part is they made the journey super fun, I laughed so much.

Flo helped me to soar to new heights. I did something I would have never considered before, signing up for May Long Weekend 10K run! Flo is so positive saying with absolute certainty that I can do this. At the beginning, I would run on the treadmill and barely last 20 seconds. Flo kept me going, “almost there! You can do it!” and now 2 minutes feels almost effortless. Wow. 

Now Flo and I are training remotely and I look forward so much to our time together. It is a bright spot in the crazy that is 2020. 

The snow is gone now and it was such a relief to get through a winter without worrying about falling and getting injured. Thanks again for an awesome year, it was Epic!



From Trainer Flo:

?I started working with Linda in September. We set little goals after little goals, reaching them one after the other, time after time. Working with Linda has been purely amazing! Seeing her push herself, and growing more in tune with her body has really paid off in her progressions. I will be very sad to see her move to Nova Scotia, however I am very happy and confident that she will continue to live an Epic life out on the East Coast. The gym will miss our post set dance parties! 


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