Whether you are training for a marathon or are running around (literally) after your kids, there are plenty of times when running out of breath is not ideal. Increased endurance or stamina allows you to just go about your day-to-day so much easier. Simple activities like going for a walk, taking the stairs, playing with your kids, grandkids or nieces and nephews are a cinch! Not to mention, your time in the gym becomes easier allowing you to set and reach new goals. Being able to do even the simplest things with ease can, in turn, alleviate the stress you feel in other areas of your life! Leaving the worn-out panting to the pups!

Functional Training

When you have low energy, exercise might seem counter-intuitive but being consistent in your training helps you build your stamina. Many people don’t view Functional Training as a way to increase endurance because it seems to focus more on general movements and technique, but with our method and how we organize our exercises, (what we call “tri-plexes”) our Functional Training sessions mimic a lot of the structure of HIIT or high-intensity interval training. HIIT is the most impactful physical effort you can make to improve your heart rate. We use load-bearing and mobility exercises to increase your cardiovascular endurance while increasing strength, lean muscle mass and movement capability, and improving your heart health.

Holistic Nutrition

It might sound strange but that shortness in breath you experience might even be attributable to what you are putting in your body. Anything that creates extra mucus, inflammation or bloating in the body will make it harder to breathe. Being aware of and staying away from any food allergies or intolerances is a way to increase the capacity of our breath. Additionally, foods such as fish high in omega-3s, broccoli, beans, and berries have all been connected to improving lung health.


We’ve said time and time again that the science linking nature to positive health benefits is undeniable. Exposure to green space has been proven to improve the immune system. One theory for this is that when we are in nature we are in a relaxed state that recognizes tranquility and peace. In other words, it feels safe. In this state, the body can redirect resources to the immune system.


Yoga and meditation have been proven to greatly impact how we handle stress and increase endurance. Meditation is all about clearing your mind but it is also about focusing on the breath. Breathing properly is an important part of any meditation practice as it helps to bring you into that relaxed state. Some forms of meditation focus solely on the breath to focus your mind and keep it from wandering! Activities like meditation and yoga help us learn how to breathe by emphasizing the importance of a deep inhale and slow exhale.

Start enjoying more of your life without fatigue or shortness of breath. It can be something as simple as that that helps to motivate you in your wellness journey! Sign up for The EPIC Life Assessment with a trainer on our team for more info.