I’m one of many people who spends most of their days sitting at a desk, in front of a computer. Nature of the job. That quickly resulted in aches and pains everywhere: shoulders, knees, back, neck… I was in my thirties but I sometimes felt my body was lot older than that. I used to attend workout classes a few times a week, but my overall physical condition wasn’t improving at all. As an ex-dancer, I cared about being healthy, but I needed to change my approach, to find rigour and discipline, and I didn’t know where to start.

The Discovery

I found out about EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle through my employer. Trainers started offering classes, such as Animal Flow and HIIT, at work. It was an entirely new type of movement. I decided to join EPIC to shock my body; to get stronger and healthier in preparation for a future pregnancy. I knew the gym would be cool?the classes at work and trainers certainly were?but what I found there was much more than that: EPIC is a community of fitness experts and people like me who care deeply about holistic health. Justin, my personal trainer, taught me about the importance of dual training: the integration of opposing movements that complement each other “yin” and “yang”?for a balanced workout.

The Journey

I was in the heart of my quest for fitness when life happened. I experienced two stressful life events over the summer?moving and loss. As one of many who has generalized anxiety, that period was especially hard and greatly eroded my resilience to any more of life’s unforeseen circumstances. Thankfully, physical activity, mindfulness and healthy eating habits are all powerful tools that help ease anxiety. I confided in Justin, and he confided in me. I didn’t need to pretend everything was perfect all the time, and neither did he. Heading to the gym was real, authentic, and genuine. We talked about mindfulness, self-care, the benefits of nature, goal setting, etc. So my time with Justin at EPIC truly became a journey to find balance. I believe it helped my mind and body not only recover faster, but become stronger.

Seven months later, I’m stronger than I have ever been, and I’m not done testing boundaries. No more chronic pain. I’m more comfortable developing a balanced workout program, and designing my meals to achieve my goals. Choosing to bet on myself by reaching out for the guidance of considerate, knowledgeable experts is by far the best investment I have ever made. I am more driven than ever to honour it through disciplined and balanced workouts, meditation, and meal prep (still have some work to do on that last one, but getting there)! I’m grateful for an environment where I was surrounded by people equally committed to leading healthy lifestyles. Grateful for all my peers who also gave it all and sweat it all at the gym next to me on Tuesdays and Thursdays, sometimes even Saturdays (yeah, weekend warriors!). Most of all, I’m grateful for “Justin-time” Justin (“only 30 more seconds!”), Jan (“So you want the Jan special?”), friendly Ali, positive Flo, sweet Brett and welcoming Ian.

Amelie’s commitment to her transformation and success at EPIC fitness has been genuinely inspiring. In her time as a client at EPIC, Amelie has taken her level of fitness to a whole other level. With a strong desire to learn and become educated in all pillars of the EPIC life, she has grown tremendously. Not only has she dedicated herself to stepping outside of her comfort zone, but she has found greater discipline and mindfulness in the process. Her commitment to her physical training process is wholly inspiring. She carries a wonderful positivity with her, and an infectious energy whenever she steps into the gym. I admire Amelie’s openness to new challenges and pushing past both physical and mental obstacles. Incorporating more self-care practices, holistic eating habits, and nature into her routine, have become easier to manage. I couldn’t be prouder of the success she has crafted for herself.

  - Justin Thiboutot (EPIC Personal Trainer)