For those in our industry, January is, of course, a busy time. There is an influx of gym-goers striving to meet their New Years Resolutions and a boatload of new inquiries from those trying to turn a new leaf, determined to make this year their year. We love that. We love everything about anything that you are doing to create a healthier, balanced life for yourself. We love all the steps you are taking to ensure that you can enjoy that life to its fullest and reach your potential!

We work hard to create an environment that is inspirational, healthy, and open to everyone. That being said, (oh, you know there’s always a “but” ;) ) we still see the fitness industry often stigmatized by “that person.”

“That person” who struts around the gym as if they own it. “That person” who makes a big show of how much they can lift. “That person” who keeps giving you their two cents. “That person” who acts like they know it all.

We know that, by mere virtue of being on our website and taking interest in this blog, you’re not “that person”. But you might know someone who is- even if it’s unintentional on their part! 

“That person” can make the gym environment really uncomfortable - or even unwelcoming - to those just joining. We’re here for those looking to enrich their lives and be the best possible version of themselves but for most, that is a BIG step to take. Gym etiquette is a thing! These are often unspoken rules- so who can really blame anyone for not following them? But abiding by gym etiquette, and encouraging others to do the same, is really to ensure that our safe space is one where all can feel welcome, accepted, and empowered.

No one wants to be “that person.” Here are some things to look out for (and gently nudge “that person” about). 

Clean up after yourself. Not cleaning up after yourself has got to be the #1 cardinal sin for any gym-goer. It’s just common courtesy for all involved to wipe down equipment after you’ve used it, to not leave you things strewn about, and to put back the dumbbells, medicine ball, skipping rope, etc. after you’re finished with it. Sweat stains are not something we want to share with others- and it’s not hard to just not. We even offer towel service so you never have to worry about forgetting one!

Just say NO to unsolicited advice. Giving unprompted advice might start out with the best intentions but our rule of thumb? Just don’t. Not only is someone’s reaction to being approached with outsider tips unpredictable but everyone works at their own pace and to their own training regime or program. If there is really something wrong or someone is likely to hurt themselves, our best advice would be to let a staff member know. It’s far more simple for us to handle.

Share. Especially when the gym is extra-busy, it’s important to be mindful of others needing to use the equipment you’re using. If you’re doing multiple sets with a machine, it’s courteous to let others work in during your rest periods. Even if this isn’t the most practical for you, sharing equipment in a shared space is the right thing to do.

Keep it down. We’re not going to tell you to leave your phone in your bag. We get that lots of people like to listen to their own music, use their phone to time themselves or keep track of sets, etc. But what we do ask is that you keep the volume down. We keep our own (pretty darn good! :P) playlist on so it can be frustrating for others to hear our music and your music while they’re trying to focus on their own movements. Similarly, phone conversations should be kept at a lower level. You might not realize how loud you’re being but those around you sure do. And for those that try to listen to their own music without headphones … don’t even get us started.

Don’t text and lift. If you’re using equipment, actually use the equipment. Your conversation or your email can wait until you’re done with the weights or the machine. While you’re typing away someone else is likely standing by trying to be productive with their workout. Not to mention, that if you’re focused on your conversation you’re not really focused on the task at hand.

Don’t hover. This definitely makes people self-conscious and uncomfortable. There’s a whole gym here! If someone’s using the equipment you want, there’s probably something else you can find to do- a quick stretch mid-workout never hurts!

Don’t spray your perfume or cologne. We get that you might want to mask the, er, natural musk that one takes on while working out BUT trying to cover up with perfume or cologne is not the answer. Not only are some people super sensitive to the stuff, but when you sweat those scents are actually amplified.

Ready to take this gym etiquette to the, well, gym? Our EPIC Life Assessment is just the place to begin. We’ll chat and let you in on our entire process to see how it can work specifically for you!