Ottawa is one of the healthiest cities in Canada! With convenient access to National Parks, bike trails and water, it is a prime place for people to get healthy and to stay healthy. This also means that Ottawa is a prime city for those looking to work in the health, fitness and wellness space!

I myself have been in the fitness and health industry in Ottawa for almost 16 years! I have seen a lot, have worked with hundreds of clients and, I have to say, things have changed. More people than ever are investing in their health, more people want a personalized approach and more people want more than just a dude that can challenge them on the gym floor. They want more! Clients aren’t the only ones that evolved over the years though.

When I started in the industry I wanted to be a Personal Trainer because it reminded me of my athletic days, in fact, I wanted to continue my athletic days! I always felt at home in a gym, a rink, a field, moving my body, and either being a coach or having a coach. Personal Training allowed me to continue this, to help clients increase their fitness capabilities and to motivate them.

As the years have progressed though, more and more people are being drawn into the industry to be a Personal Trainer for other reasons beyond being athletic; my reason for being a personal trainer evolved too. Trainers want to help people OVERALL, in their life. They want to coach more than the physical, they see the need to be more holistic, they see their coaching as multi-faceted. Why? For one, it’s more interesting and two, it’s being demanded from clients. Many of the clients that come in lack the energy to move properly. So, we have to focus on getting that energy up through mindset, nature, self care and nutrition in order for them to see improvement in their fitness level - it’s a package.

This demand is something that is incredible and is a testament to the evolution of the industry as a whole and also a testament to of the times. As technology has increased, so has our need to feel better, feel rested, and to feel in control of our minds and bodies. It’s no longer just about being fit. More people we meet state that just want to feel good each day - fitness is a bonus! And as a trainer - fitness is awesome, but if we only coach for reps, PBs and HR - we’re creating something unsustainable! Clients need proper life habits to match.

Being a personal trainer in Ottawa means helping the citizens of your community feel better, think better and get healthier. This means that you are helping the community get better. This makes your experience in this city better. When you call CRA, when you are at the DMV, when you walk into the mall, when you interact with someone on the street - what if those people all felt better? What if those people were happier, more fit, felt cared for and had support for any illnesses or issues they were facing? What if you had a hand in that?

Ottawa would be a better place to live, wouldn’t it?

If you are interested in a career in Personal Training - look no further. If you want to pursue being a Personal Trainer where you get to train clients for their lives, help them be more productive, to change their bodies as well as their minds, being a Personal Trainer at EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle may be for you. Not only will you get change bodies and better movement in people through our methods, but you will also help people feel better overall!

I will tell you what we are not:

  • we are not all about the sales
  • we are not a bro gym
  • we are not a yoga studio
  • we do not overwork you, we are conscious of your health + energy

Next, I will tell you what we are:

  • we are “high performance meets hippie” in our approach (functional training + nature + self care + holistic nutrition)
  • we trust you
  • we have clients ready to start training with you
  • we have a healthy environment for you to thrive with opportunities for growth
  • we have a level system that increases your pay and your skill level every year
  • we give you opportunities to teach classes, lead hikes, lead workshops and work in our clinic!
  • we treat you like a professional

Details about being a Personal Trainer at EPIC:

  • we have a 30 hour full mentorship that teaches you our Functional Training Method, Lifestyle Coaching, Marketing and Professionalism
  • we quick start you with 4 weeks of guaranteed full-time hours while you start with clients
  • pay starts from $23/hr with clients at level 1
  • get discounts on our cafe, retail, supplements and more!

Why be a Personal Trainer over being a Group Instructor?

  • you can do both! we think it’s great when trainers have a base of clients AND also teach classes
  • Only Group does not allow your skills to really deepen - going deep with individuals over a longer period of time makes you better!
  • No job security in only doing Group
  • Personal Training at EPIC is stable, you are an employee, we market and work to keep clients coming to you
  • you build relationships and help people directly - the change you make is extraordinary!
  • better job satisfaction
  • level advancement is in your hands which means so is your pay cheque! move up levels = increased salary $

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If you do choose a career in Ottawa as a Personal Trainer know that you are part of the future of healthcare. Healthcare is moving primarily in the direction of alternative and private care. Relationship based services are on the rise and are so important in a society that is digitally connected but feels more alone than ever. Specialized and personalized coaching in health, training, wellness and mindset is needed more now than ever. Be part of the this growing industry ample with learning and opportunities.

Good Luck!