We should be enjooooying the holidays. But so often we hear how stressed out people are at this time of year. Between holiday parties, getting food and gifts organized, getting ahead with work or exams before some well-deserved rest, we understand it can be exhausting.

It’s times like this though where we need to really focus an extra effort in our health and wellness so we don’t start to slip.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the hullabaloo of the holidays, we’ve created a list of ways you can still ensure that you have a relaxing, balanced, and conscious holiday season. A few of these tips could lead to some of your best holiday memories yet ;)


Be wise with your holiday shopping! Go for conscious presents that will do good for your loved ones. If you’re still searching for last-minute ideas, check out our EPIC Gift Guide to give you an idea for presents you know people will actually use. So many of our current clients were introduced to EPIC with a gift or voucher to try us out! These truly are gifts that keep on giving.


This is something everyone struggles with. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, not to mention the cakes, sugar cookies, and tarts for dessert. The spread for dinner parties over the holidays is always amaaaazing and we want you to enjoy it! Just be wary of your limits. Find the middle ground. Over-eating won’t do your body any favours and results in grogginess, fatigue, bloat- it actually takes away from enjoying the holidays! Who wants to deal with a stomach-ache after dinner? Before going up for a second helping, really listen to your body. After all, you’ll want to leave room for dessert! ;)


With a bit of a holiday break, what better an opportunity to try a new class- or an old class at a new time! Every single class is designed to help you attain excellence physically or spiritually. If you’re looking to re-centre over the holidays or simply sweat through some stress, we definitely have a class that can help you out.


Just because it’s a little snowy and chilly, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be spending time outside. (You guys know how much we love nature!) Even in the winter, being outside can work wonders for your health. Bundle up and organize a holiday hike in Gatineau Park or a ski trip for your family. It’s a great opportunity to do something different with your loved ones.


Your mind is busy. Discover a calm state of mind with our unique EPIC + Muse Meditation class on Sunday. This class uses Muse headbands to track your brain waves throughout your guided meditation (honestly, so cool, we can’t get enough!). These headbands will show you the stages of calm your brain goes through in your practice and effectively helps to calm your mind.


Indulge in some serious self-care at an outdoor spa. How fun does that sound?! We’re lucky to have so many great outdoor spas close to Ottawa where you can pair nature with self-care and reeeeally relax in their different pools, hot stone beds, and saunas.


An important part of The EPIC Life Formula is self-care. We recommend you dedicate 30-60 min per day for just you and your favourite activity. This time of year we often spend time worrying and thinking about others. It’s important to remember to take care of yourself, too. This can be as simple as reading a book or doing a crossword- it’s just as important a gift to yourself as the gifts you give to others.


Remember, the holidays are meant to bring joy and happiness, not stress you out! One final tip is to remember to breathe! Let go of any negativity and have a wonderful time spending the holidays with your loved ones.

Move, play, socialize, nurture, chill, breathe and have an EPIC holiday season.