It’s no secret, we are THE place for anyone who is health-conscious, into wellness and well-being, and wants cutting-edge information, products and services (hello bio-hackers of the world!). We are also the place for anyone just starting on this journey. We have clients in our community who have been through really tough times and find so much joy and healing under our roof. They feel loved, supported, and are getting answers to their pain whether it’s emotional, physical or spiritual.

This holiday season, we have the perfect gift ideas for someone close to you (and you too!) who is already on the path of wellness and conscious living and for those close to you who really need a community and a support system to get them on track.

When it comes to gift-giving, we all want to give gifts that make a difference. Giving feels good especially when it’s thoughtful. This season is filled with joy, family, celebration and a little bit of magic. But, gift-giving can be the stressful part - what gifts to give?!

How many times have you searched for “present ideas for mom/dad/husband/girlfriend/etc. …” in the past month? Or when your colleagues were discussing the extravagant gifts they’ve prepared for the entire family, and you felt just a little too anxious thinking about all of the presents you have not done yet. What do you get for someone who has EVERYTHING or someone that is picky? How do you make your present unique and memorable and one you feel good about?

Sounds all too familiar?

In our consumer culture, there is a lot of added pressure to fill all the space under the Christmas tree and to show people how much we care about them by how much money we spend or how many gifts we give. The gift anxiety is on the rise and too many of us go through this vicious circle every year.

And then, as a result, we often get our loved ones … things. Things that they probably don’t need. Things that they already have. Maybe things that they don’t even really want.

You could rebel against the consumerism and the system that seems to be set up against you, and just don’t get anything. Well, you know it and I know it … giving feels good. The excitement in someone’s eye when they unwrap a present… when their face is filled with joy once they receive. These are the feelings we live for.

The reality is such that we live in a culture that loves to give, we simply cannot deny ourselves that. The question is, how do you gift something that is thoughtful, will do good, won’t be a waste and its joy will last for months (or years!) to come?

Well, we’ve got good news for you. There is a way to give a thoughtful, conscious gift that will do your loved ones some good.

Ready for it?

We’ve compiled a gift guide full of EPIC prezzies that are sure to make their recipients smile :) Give gifts that represent health, wellness and strength to your loved ones because they deserve it.


Unlimited classes for 30 days. It really doesn’t get much better than that. With this pass, your giftee could try aaaall of the different classes we feature. PLUS! They’ll get 20% off their first auto-pay if renewed within the last 7 days of the expiry date.

GIFT IDEA #2: INTRO MONTH $650 (REG. $720)

We’ve developed an exclusive EPIC Functional Training Program that combines biomechanical science, motivational psychology, and mobility + metabolic conditioning in every workout. Gift unparalleled, life-lasting results – the EPIC way!

GIFT IDEA #3: 12 CLASSES OF XMAS $160 (REG. $240)

Exclusive discount! Get access to any class, any time. Exclusive discount. Choose between Yoga, HIIT, Movement, Meditation, and Community sessions. With $13 per class, that is a steal of a deal.


Any value! Use EPIC protein, Kombucha, vegan protein, Poi, foam rollers, cookbooks, EPIC hoodie, Personal Training sessions, yoga classes- anything we offer!

A lot of our current clients are with EPIC because they received an EPIC gift from someone else. These truly are the gifts that keep on giving. Give health and happiness this holiday season to the people who matter most to you!


We know that Canadian winters mean we need to layer up. Our hoodies and sweaters are cozy, warm, and comfy. It’s athleisure at it’s finest.


This bottle keeps your water cold for 24 hours and keeps any hot liquids hot for 12 hours. It’s perfect for the person who’s always on the go go go!


We can all use a little guidance and direction. We stock books that are good for the soul. Expand someone’s perspective by gifting one of our incredible self-care books.


Without a doubt, this is one of the coolest gadgets we’ve ever seen. For a beginner or experienced meditator, this headband will help them find a focused calm.


These massage tools come in all different shapes and sizes to really get into any problem spots. These are perfect for that person who always has a sore back, neck, shoulders- anything!