In the animal kingdom, the winter season is a signal to animals to pack on the pounds since they need that stored fat to survive the winter. Many moons ago, this would have been the case for humans, too. When they had little shelter, food sources were scarce in the winter, and protection from the elements required conserved energy. But no more! Blizzard bloat is an avoidable issue!

So how do we battle? Following The EPIC Life Formula is a sure-fire way to decrease any bloating and inflammation.

Functional Training

The lymphatic system is made up of tissue and organs, connects to all the joints and glands, and helps to rid the body of toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials. This is especially important in the winter when it is so easy to fall into an apathetic mood and allow toxins to build up. BUT. The lymphatic system needs to be pumped through movement. For most of our clients, they aren’t really moving or doing mobility work outside of their time with us. We understand that and make sure to include exercises in our training sessions that move the body in a specific way to get the blood flowing and the lymphatic system pumping.

Inflammation is often an immune response to stress. By doing specific weight-bearing exercises and strength training, you’re actually processing stress hormones. When stress gets overwhelming it can manifest in different ways. These strengthening exercises can help to regulate hormones before those feelings of overwhelm caused by stress onset in the first place. 

From a psychological perspective, when we train we are often reminded that we need water. For some reason when we are going about our daily business, walking to work or even going for a run, we aren’t thinking about hydration as much but it is SO important to ensure we are always drinking water. Water is the second most important determiner of life- second only to oxygen. We often operate from this place of dehydration and, though it may seem counter-intuitive, that also results in a feeling of bloat and heaviness.

Holistic Nutrition

It’s best to see eating like a chemistry experiment. When foods interact with the molecules within our bodies they are either going to be symbiotic and maintain peace OR they interact like fireworks. If you are eating foods that cause more fireworks than peace, inflammation and bloat are almost a guarantee. 

When we choose foods that our bodies don’t process well we create this internal turmoil that is sending our hormones, central nervous system and neurons into fight mode. If you have food intolerances that result in bloating, irritability, acne or psoriasis - among other things - or are allowing yourself to rely on sugar or coffee to get through the day, then you are also more likely to feel anxious.

But there are foods that can actually help you feel less bloated and reduce inflammation! Asparagus, celery, papaya, and pineapple all have digestion-promoting compounds or enzymes which help to flush your system, while ginger, leafy greens, and fatty fish are well known anti-inflammatory foods. 

Just listening to what your body needs is key. Biochemically, if you are ingesting foods like dairy and gluten that your body simply can’t break down properly then your body will be working against your other efforts to reduce bloat.


Inflammation is the biggest determiner of health issues. If we were to look at any disease and the precursor biomarkers of the diseases (like high blood pressure, anxiety, depression- just to give a few examples), inflammation is ALWAYS present. Fighting inflammation, and in turn, other chronic illnesses or diseases means having a strong immune system. Spending time in nature is proven to boost your immune system as it helps you to process stress hormones and get into a relaxed state. When we feel safe and relaxed the body is able to devote resources to strengthening other aspects of our health- including the immune system. Anytime we are capable of increasing the immune system, we are sending an energetic message to the body that we are living


Inflammation and bloating is a sign that something is not right. Some people just expect that this is normal but it’s not. The more we understand about ourselves and the more we love ourselves, the more we are going to be interested in fixing the issue instead of punishing it. Feeling bloated does not mean that you need to eat less or that you need to run more. Instead of pushing yourself out of punishment, true self-care means loving your body enough that you want to better understand and find out what the solutions are. It means telling yourself you might need to slow down or committing to starting a nutrition log to recognize how your body is feeling or setting an appointment with a naturopath.

Reflect on your day. How many of your actions were self-loving and how many are punishment? There is a constant messaging going on whether that be from the people you follow on social media, those in your friend circle, what we see on TV and in magazines, etc. Negative messages and actions have an immediate, although not always recognizable, effect on the body. When we are brainwashing ourselves by saying we are not good enough, we are telling ourselves to self-destruct. Instead, we need to be “brainwashing” ourselves in a way that moves us forward. In a way that motivates us to make positive choices and live our potential. Because WE DESERVE IT!

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