Functional Training is not all about bodyweight exercises. Building lean muscle tissue through traditional lifting is essential in order to build strength, look great, improve posture and also be functional! 

After visiting us for your initial assessment, we put together what we call a periodization plan that is specific to you. Our plans, however, go through specific 4-6 week phases that are proven to get you results. The “swoll” portion of our programming is called the Functional Hypertrophy phase. 

The Functional Hypertrophy Phase is the third phase of our periodization plan. By now you’ve finished the FAA Phase, gaining a proper understanding of movement and technique, and the Functional Conditioning Phase, where you saw an increase in fat loss and endurance.

What are we looking for?

In the Functional Hypertrophy Phase, we’re looking for lean muscle development. This is the phase that makes you feel strong and is the phase where you actually change your shape. Ever lose weight but keep the muffin top before? Yes, well, this phase builds muscle - as your mother may say, it gives you a “toned” look. We can track muscle development using our InBody machine. This machine might look like a rocket ship but it uses quantitative analysis and the bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) method to tell us what your body is literally made of. It knows you better than you know yourself!

The science.

As Newton’s Third Law states, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. While Newton’s law applied to physics the idea applies to us physiologically and biochemically.

In the Functional Hypertrophy Phase, our rep range is between 8-12 and we’re doing 80% of the maximum load or weight that you can handle. The Time Under Tension (TUT) for the muscle is about 1 minute so where conditioning is less load more TUT, hypertrophy is all about more load and less TUT.

To build muscle, what we put into our body matters. Protein is obviously fundamental for anyone who works out. It is required in every single process in the body. By working out, especially through this phase, you are breaking down muscle to build it back stronger. Protein is essential in repairing muscle quickly.

We also recommend that you up your branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) intake. BCAAs trigger protein synthesis making training easier and minimize muscle loss PLUS proteins rich in amino acids have been proven to maximize strength results from training because the BCAAs improve neuromuscular adaptations. Both of these items we have in our Life Shop on location. We’ve chosen brands that are effective, natural and made in Canada.

Lastly, biochemically, the body will benefit from creatine. This supp is recognized by the science and fitness communities for delivering on its promise of improved strength and enhanced muscle size. It provides more creatine than our body creates so we have more ATP available in our system to extend our energy. It’s not a stimulant though, it’s all-natural.


When people try to accomplish hypertrophy in their training away from EPIC, we often see people who only focus on hypertrophy. They tear apart their muscles so that when they heal they heal bigger. This is often the case with some bodybuilders who don’t have proper programming. They’re killing themselves to get bigger but they have no mobility, no cardio endurance, they get hurt often- they’re not functional. We make sure you are phasic with your training - changing programming conditions, exercises themselves and what we measure in order for you to be well-rounded, enthusiastic about training and get the best results.

This all sounds good to you? Our EPIC Life Assessment is exactly the place to start. We’ll chat, assess you and let you in on our entire process to see how it can work for you. You can sign up right now to begin your EPIC Life journey.