Now we get to work. You’ve gone through our EPIC assessment. You’ve had a periodization plan designed specifically for YOU. You’ve started back with the basics in the FAA phase. But now you’re ready to kick it up a notch?

Enter, the Functional Conditioning Phase.

Our periodization plan is a strategy for you that ensures optimal function, optimal lifestyle habit evolution, and optimal injury-preventing and goal progress. The first 4-6 weeks are spent in the Functional Anatomical Adaptation (FAA) Phase. But the next 4-6 weeks are dedicated to conditioning.

The Functional Conditioning Phase is the second phase in our training program but it’s really the first phase where you start to feel like you’re working out. The FAA Phase is more about rehabilitation, and understanding movement and technique, it is the phase of discipline and practice because, without it, the conditioning phase and every other phase afterwards perpetuates poor technique and injury. This second phase is where you get to implement the proper technique and get down to business adding speed, load and traditional lifts to your program.

What are we looking for?

With each of the phases in our periodization plan, we are looking for a certain result, even though many things may be happening at once. The Functional Conditioning Phase is where we create the proper conditions for you to burn fat. That’s what we are primarily looking for but other happy side effects of this phase are you’re going to improve your strength and mobility, we’ll do a lot to prevent injury, your posture will improve, you’ll have more energy, AND both your muscular and cardiovascular endurance will increase.

For those who are at the desired body composition already, then what we’re focusing on is endurance. For this objective, we’re looking to get you to the point where you can complete three of our triplexes three times within your hour of training. We’ll be doing new exercises and it’ll be challenging but within this 4-6 week period, but it’s 100% tailored to you and your progression so, you’ve got this ;)

The science.

From a Trainer’s perspective, we know that there is a science to every result. So, if our objective is fat loss, we need to work backwards within our equation. The science here starts with, what we call, Time Under Tension (TUT). This means that there is a certain amount of time a muscle needs to be under tension in order for a certain result to ensue. For the Functional Conditioning Phase, this means we will use a rep range between 12-20 because we need reps to last between 1-2 minutes. We have to move relatively quickly between exercises but conditioning means we use less load and more TUT. The percentage of the load, in this case, weights, would also only be about 40-60% of your maximum. So, if you can do a one rep lunge with 50lbs weights in each hand then in the Conditioning Phase we would give you 25-30lb weights for your lunge reps. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to start with these weights if that’s not where you’re at!)

This is also the phase where we introduce traditional exercises so you’ll see more movements you recognize like a traditional deadlift, bench press, squat, or lunge. These traditional exercises are really important in conjunction with the functional because this is where we get testosterone. Testosterone is important for both men and women when it comes to training because it helps us build muscle, increase strength, and is the hormone that makes us productive and gives us the confidence to go after what we want. When people are feeling depressed or apathetic, it can be that there is a hormonal issue and for people who rely on training to feel good, it’s actually the surge of testosterone that they need.

Traditional exercising also NATURALLY produces growth hormone in the body- emphasis here on NATURALLY. But this helps us to repair cells that are damaged and gain size.

Hydration is always important but especially in this phase. To be properly hydrated though requires more than water- you need electrolytes to actually absorb and use all of the water that you’re drinking! In conditioning, we lose a lot of minerals through sweat. These minerals are key to a healthy lifestyle which is why just drinking more water won’t cut it. 


Conditioning is not a new concept to people who have trained or have looked into training before. Where people go wrong with conditioning outside of training with us is that they push too hard and stay in the conditioning phase too long. Many people don’t understand the science behind fat loss and increased endurance and instead, just do as much as they can- but it’s too much. This is often how injuries occur and then that’s it. Game over. Ever been in group classes, boxing circuits, boot camps that are like this for months? What happens? Plateau in training, injury and boredom - yeah, we know, that’s why we do things differently.

Our program, on the other hand, has a beautiful mix of the traditional and our signature functional exercises with mobility and core. 

If you’re looking to get going, our EPIC Life Assessment is exactly the place to start. We’ll chat,  assess you and let you in on our entire process to see how it can work for you. You can sign up right now to begin your EPIC Life journey.