Our philosophy was not just born overnight. It starts with an idea, a principle, a gut feeling but to really mean something and to reflect my values it had to be rooted in fact. I take inspiration from my surroundings and that includes the books I read and the people I listen to. It’s how I can continue to grow as an individual and how I can then help others.

You know by now that as a wellness centre, we don’t jump on any bandwagons. We don’t present to you the latest fitness or foodie trends just because. Every single thing we share with you- advice, tips, methods, tools, philosophies- we are sharing because we know that it works. Yes, we are where hippie meets performance, but every seemingly “hippie” aspect to our philosophy is still backed up by science. It takes time, curiosity, and a heck of a lot of research before we draw any conclusions. And it takes even more time, curiosity, and research before we’re ready to share our conclusions with those we feel most accountable for and to- you.

So, are you ready to dive deeper into some of the sources I have curated and compiled that have informed (and continue to inform!) The EPIC Life and our four pillars? Check out some of my favourite books and podcasts to get behind the curtain of the lifestyle that we created, promote, and live!

I love the Good Life Project. Jonathan Fields is a great host. Hailing from NYC, he owned a yoga studio during 9/11 and helped so many hurting New Yorkers heal. Getting New Yorkers to slow down, connect with themselves and engage in self-discovery and self-care is no small feat. He has many lessons to share.

The guests on Lewis Howe’s podcast are exceptional people. All aimed at levelling up your mind, expanding your heart and helping you live a life of greatness - I have learned a lot from the episodes above.

What feeds your soul? Great conversation between seekers and founders. I love listening to the dialogue between masters and students - it helps us understand the more practical and simple