The first thing you’ll notice when you walk through our doors is this:

We are not a typical gym.

As such, our Personal Trainers are not the stereotypical trainers you see in big-box gyms or the muscleheads you see imitated in movies and TV shows. Our trainers want to help their clients cut the crap out of their lives and really get more value from their time, money, energy, and effort - not just in the gym, but outside it too.

Our trainers come from all kinds of backgrounds. Some were athletes, some were students studying health and wellness- one was even a prior client! All of them, however, are passionate about making a positive difference in other people’s lives.

EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle was born of a notion that it is possible for a gym to offer the tools that will make a person successful in all areas of their life. Our Personal Trainers share in this philosophy, striving to better their own lives, their teammates lives, and the lives of their ambitious, hard-working clients.


Well, for starters, it’s all about balance.

For Personal Trainer, Justin, his workday typically starts with Personal Training clients in the morning and ends in the evening with more clients or perhaps a group class he is leading but the in-between is broken up with an opportunity to do more of the things he enjoys.

“I want to make sure my day isn’t spent entirely in the bubble of the gym so I take some time for myself as well and maybe go for a nature walk or take part in some cultural experience that, for me, really enriches my life,” he explained.

It’s important to Justin that while there is a daily emphasis on his clients, it’s equally as important to place an emphasis on his own experiences- and really, it all comes full circle.

“Any new knowledge or wisdom that I can take in can all translate well to the time I have with my clients,” Justin said. 

But like snowflakes, no two trainer schedules are alike. A typical day for our Personal Trainer, Matt, starts with his first clients between 5:30-6:30am and continues until around noon. And before all that, he’s already had his EPIC cocktail, coffee, meditation session, and biked in to the gym.

“Doing what you love doing is huge. I’m not a 9-5er, I don’t like sitting behind a desk. But when you actually enjoy what you’re doing it makes coming to work fun,” Matt said.

On the other other hand, for our Personal Trainer, Marissa, every day is different. Each morning she starts with clients or teaching a group class at 6am and is usually done her workday around 2pm. Some days include a break between clients, some days don’t. She uses that break time when it does occur to focus on herself- doing her own workouts, doing research, listening to podcasts, meditating- it all depends on the day!

What Marissa found compelling about EPIC’s approach to a balanced lifestyle was its root principle.

“It really is about changing lives on a very real level versus just fixing whatever we think is the current problem,” she said. “When I heard Stephanie talking about how EPIC helps people become better versions of themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally, and not just give them one piece of the puzzle, I was like, ‘I want to work for YOU!’”

This sentiment is reflected in our other trainers as well. At EPIC, we are holistic in nature. We offer a wide range of services that revolve around our four pillars: Functional Movement, Holistic Nutrition, Nature, and Self-Care. Functional Training may have been what started it all but reaching a physical goal means nothing without healthy and sustainable life practices to go with it.

“We’re going beyond just the physical aspect of things and touching deep into mindset and lifestyle habits. We really want to enrich your life in a meaningful and purposeful way,” Justin said.

“At EPIC, it’s not just the Functional Training, there’s aspects of energy healing and nutrition and nature and self-care and stuff that’s all new to me! I was more the bro-kind of gym guy,” Matt said with a laugh. “Now it’s yoga, mobility, and the holistic side of things and I really couldn’t be happier.”

Something else that makes all of our trainers happy? Each other.

Not to be cliche, but we really are our own community. We’re here to lift one another up, challenge and encourage each other, push and motivate each other, nurture one another, share ideas, and laugh together!

“You’re going to be surrounded by people that will support you every step of the way on the journey you’re going to take,” said Justin. You can hear the smile in his voice. “You’re not going to feel singled out or like you need to do everything yourself but you’re going to feel like you have a whole wealth of resources, mentors, and guides that are there to help you succeed.”

“There’s no egos here, there’s no competitiveness. It’s, ‘We’re a team, let’s build this together!’ And all the trainers here are open books and we help each other. We want each other to get better,” said Matt.

Despite the varied backgrounds, this likemindedness between all of our trainers contributes not only to their own personal success but the success of their clients.

“My favourite part of the job is knowing that you’re making change for people’s lives,” said Marissa. “It’s exciting whenever people hit whatever their goal is on a piece of paper but it’s more exciting when they’re actually helping themselves grow in more aspects of their life.”

One such client came to Marissa ecstatic that she was able to take her 1-year-old grandson to Costco, hike him up on her shoulder and carry him around for an hour while she did her shopping which she wouldn’t have been able to do prior to her EPIC experience.

“It’s about giving people, whatever they enjoy and want to have more of in their life, the opportunity to do that,” Marissa beamed.

And in the end, that’s exactly it. Healthy and happy go hand in hand. We’re an energetic, enthusiastic, silly, smart bunch that are here to level up and make a difference. We all have a drive toward excellence, are passionate about self-development and just have to help people- it’s our calling!

Whatever you come through our doors with you get more than cookie-cutter classes and weight machines. You get people who really give a sh*t. You get innovation, cooperation, trust, and yes, maybe a little quirkiness. But all of that comes together as we help each other live our healthiest, most whole, most EPIC lives.

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