How is it possible for you to enjoy the great outdoors when you can’t step outside without suffering a massive allergy attack?

Nature is one of our foundational pillars at EPIC and we push it hard regardless of the season. (Shameless plug, for further proof, see our published works ;) Don’t Be An Outdoor Amateur, Nature Is The Answer To It All, and Leave The WIFI Behind.) But the health benefits of spending time in nature are scientifically undeniable. Research shows a direct correlation between a connection to the outdoors and increased focus and productivity, lower cortisol levels and therefore less stress – not to mention that low Vitamin D (which our skin manufactures with sunlight exposure) can lead to decreased energy and increased moodiness.

While winter in Ottawa gives people an obvious yet irrelevant excuse (yes, it’s cold … and?), spring and summer present their own unique outdoor challenge: allergies. And though you can’t exercise your allergies away completely, The EPIC Life Formula provides you with tools to minimize symptoms so you can enjoy the summer sunshine!

Functional Training

No exercise = slower blood flow. When allergens are allowed to collect in one area they start to damage the tissue around them which results in inflammation, itchy eyes, runny nose, blocked up ears- you get the picture. Studies show, however, that exercise and movement help to stimulate your circulation moving allergens through the blood so they can be more quickly eliminated. Your lymphatic system does not work like the heart - it only moves when you do. So, with longer periods of time being spent in the seated position and lack of activity for most people, it’s no wonder we have mucus and toxic inflammation build up in our bodies. Get moving. 

Holistic Nutrition

Allergies are a symptom of toxic overload. Whether this is overload from physical, emotional, biochemical (hello junk food, antibiotics, water pollution, medication, and dehydration), spiritual or psychological stress - it doesn’t matter - it all ends up overloading the same bucket. One of the best ways to reduce the overload is to quit letting stress in - literally. Stop consuming things that stress out the body like sugar, chemicals in food, pollution, bad air quality, alcohol etc. 

Also, it’s hard to believe that some “healthy” foods can be toxic too, but it is indeed true. We have seen A LOT of success with reducing overall allergy symptoms when clients get a food allergy test and remove those foods that cause inflammation. I had a client once that reacted to blackberries, spinach and artichoke - without the test, we would have never caught this! When we eliminated them and healed the gut everything changed.

Studies have shown that topping up on foods that are high in probiotics like yogurt (if you can digest dairy and it is not inflammatory for you), kombucha, sauerkraut, tempeh, and pickles not only aid digestion but may actually help allergy symptoms! Researchers have also found that children with healthier diets and ate more fruits, veggies, and nuts (especially tomatoes, grapes, apples, and oranges) had fewer allergy symptoms. While they are still trying to determine exactly why this is, we never turn down another reason to include more fruits and veggies into our meal plan!

One of our favourite natural supps, Spirulina, has also been used in studies to determine how it affects allergy symptoms. One study found that Spirulina actually suppresses the differentiation of certain cells to protect the body against allergy symptoms.

Nature (Itself)

Being allergic to the atmosphere is a very interesting thing, isn’t it? Without getting TOO spiritual on you I will say that our relationship with nature is akin to the relationship we have with all living beings, including ourselves. If you are getting a negative reaction from Mother Nature herself, where in your life are you not respecting her? Do you care about the environment and your level of waste contribution? Are you generous, kind and compassionate to yourself and other living beings? Are you competitive, judgmental, angry towards others more often than not? 

Do you engage in stillness? Start there. The spiritual nature of nature itself is something that cannot be denied, it is present in so many different cultures, religions, and spiritual practices. Perhaps nature is angry with you because you don’t respect it in yourself, other beings, the climate, and animals. Food for thought? ;)

Other things you can do to benefit from the healing powers of nature without stepping into the forest is by the use of simple plants in your office or home space like aloe vera, coffee plants, ferns, ficus and fig trees. They do not give off pollen and still can expose you without negative consequence. What about a little waterfall in your home that you can plug in and hear beautiful water sounds, birds, the wind etc? Bring nature indoors first and then go from there. 

Research is still being done on the effects of eucalyptus oil, however, it has been found to get the mucus out of your chest and help you breathe easier- two very common allergy symptoms!


Cold showers! Part of the EPIC Start is a cold shower. Turn the dial for 10 secs to start and build up the tolerance from there. 

Post-workout, it might help you to take a warm shower followed by cooler water. The shift in temperature will help to loosen the mucus in your sinuses and throat so that you can actually take a clear, deep breath. It also pumps blood, nutrients and oxygen throughout the body and moves the lymph fluid too, win-win!

A 2015 study also found that acupuncture can be an effective treatment for allergies! This practice happens to be available in The Clinic - book an appointment today!

Allergies can be a real let down, but they shouldn’t count you out. These are simple methods you can begin implementing into your regular routine right away to stifle the small annoyances and allow you to enjoy more of your EPIC life. The great outdoors are calling. Try giving these tips a shot so you can answer!