You come to us for results, there is no secret there. 

Your goals might differ from the person next to you, but generally speaking, if you’re a conscious, ambitious human - you’re likely looking for improvement in overall body function, body composition, health, and lifestyle habits. “Habits” is a pretty key word here. Why do we start things and stop them? Why does your trainer want to see you 2-3 times a week when you could work out on your own? Why aren’t you seeing the progress you were hoping for? The human body- including the mind from the psychological and neurological perspective, needs the perfect repetition of healthy habits that supports the body, mind, and spirit that you desire. This seems obvious, but I want you to REALLY hear me. 

You need the perfect repetition of habits that support the healthy body, mind and spirit you desire.

Consistency in dedicated, focused repetition or the lack thereof, is really the reason for success or, it’s the blind spot in everyone’s plan. I have been obsessed with the combination of psychology with training. How does human behaviour get in the way of our desires? What do the body and the mind need in order to get on the same page? What is the difference between people who take major quantum leaps with their health, fitness, or lifestyle and people who move ahead one step, take 2 steps back, ahead 3 steps, one step back?

Over the years and years of unpacking this, the theory and the anecdotal experimentation - I “get it” very deeply and it is at the centre of what we really teach at EPIC. We unwind the subconscious habits that are holding you back and purposely instill the lifestyle habits and movement habits that we want to introduce that will result in the outcomes you desire.

Let’s make this specific and scientific. 

Take a squat pattern. Perhaps you make the hiccup of your knee tracking inwards too much. This pattern was learned somewhere. Whether it has always been that way or was learned because of injury compensation – it really doesn’t matter. We know though, that in the true anatomical position the knee works best when it’s tracking the big toe. So we need to fix the pattern. Why? The knee tracking inwards is the reason for your knee pain. It’s the reason your hip clicks when you do leg raises. It’s the reason why your glutes will not develop no matter how many squats you do. It’s the reason your glute med is weak and therefore why you have low back pain. Every time that knee tracks inwards you are cementing a pattern that keeps you where you are without progressing.

Why do we keep repeating old patterns that aren’t helping us?

The problem is, we are, as a society, so often operating from our minds- without much (if any) connection to our bodies. We are not connected to our bodies. The electricity between our minds, brains and bodies are so weak that the signal is barely decipherable. Quite frankly, we have exited out of their bodies almost entirely because they don’t understand it. Many have exited because of self-loathing and an industry that has taught us that our bodies are merely tools to attract the others- that unless it is perfect it is worthless. Some of us have exited their bodies due to sport. As athletes, we were taught to abuse our bodies for a podium position, to work through pain, to “get the job done” at all costs. There are plenty of different reasons why. This leads to the set of squats that you just “get through” no matter how it looks or feels. We are just going through the motions. Listening to music, zoning out, crossing things off our list numbed out.

One of the reasons many may fail to see, but we need to shed light on, is how the fitness industry has participated in this “exiting out”. Personal Trainers and Instructors who say, “push through, think of something else”, or “distract yourself!” instead of keeping our minds and bodies integrated and whole throughout the process have enabled this disembodiment. The problem with this is the fact that unhealthy postural, movement, mental and bio-chemical habits have been solidified based on necessity. To do that 25th push up in a boot camp class you HAD to use your neck and back or else you’d face public humiliation! To fit in at the dinner table we keep eating the pasta, bread, and dessert because we want to be accepted even though mentally, we do not want it (and neither do our bodies).

Think of ALL of the habits that you have formed, all the conditioning from parents, society, teachers, the school system, our North American standards of success, body-shaming, all of the propaganda in the fitness industry … we have a lot of work to do.

When you have a barreling train going 500km/hr towards one destination (unhealthy blood pressure, overwhelm, sugar tolerance, weight gain, overall dissatisfaction) it takes one hell of a team to re-route that train to go in another direction.

For some clients, the train just needs to be steered 10 degrees to the left – but for other clients, we need to stop the train, build tracks to turn it around, and literally go in the opposite direction!

It’s not easy!

But In both cases, the #1 thing that will make a difference (besides new knowledge and concepts that will help clients see their health and their physical training in a new way) is how often these things are being practiced.

We need the mind to be convinced that there is a problem; that this problem is an unconscious learned behaviour and that it needs to be changed. Then, we need to teach the new way, coach it, monitor it and make sure it’s repeated OFTEN.

So we rewire for change.

Learning a new language, learning how to play guitar, learning how to track the knee properly over the toe in a squat, to re-route the usual ice cream trip on Sunday afternoons, stopping your hand going for the 3rd beer which affects your digestion, cancelling the negative self-talk, making nature part of our daily lives so we can be more compassionate and fulfilled – all of these things require a learning curve that requires purposeful practice.

We would LOVE to be with you 24/7 to catch any and every behaviour that needs to be re-routed, to introduce another way in real-time, and help you practice this … but that’s nearly impossible! (We reserve that luxury for retreats and immersions.)

Still, our impact is largely based on how often we get to see you. We NEED to see, coach, watch, and help you physically, biochemically and mentally every 72 hours in order for us to steer that train those 10 degrees or for us to turn that train around completely.

Getting your training in 2-3 times per week is imperative. This is why we do everything in our power to make this work for YOU. This is why we train people remotely, it’s why we schedule out in advance, it’s why we train you more frequently before and after a vacation, and why we sub in for each other when one trainer is away.

We abide by the science of behavioural change and learning because we understand that this is the only way to get you the real transformation you’re after.

Sure, there is often a resistance to change. It’s easy to say you’d be fine with just a couple check-ins or time off in the summer. But the subconscious mind is POWERFUL. It’s fickle and it doesn’t like to do what’s different. But we know better. Through our coaching and direction, and our understanding of what it takes to break these habits that are not working for you, we can create a lasting, real life change. And, let’s be real, it’s the reason you’re coming to us instead of any old regular gym.

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