At EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle, we are more than your average gym. We strive to help all our clients remove the obstacles in their lives that are preventing them from doing more of what they love. This has always been my goal.

I began my career as a Personal Trainer in university at a big box gym. I helped hundreds of people get in better physical shape but what I began to realize was that even when a person reached their physical goal, that did NOT mean they were completely fulfilled. Their confidence still lacked, depression stuck around … something was still missing. These physical results meant nothing without a balanced and healthy life to go with it.

I wanted to give people results that would stand the test of time. I wanted to teach my clients how to take care of themselves. I wanted a place where hippie could meet high-performance; where we could combine intelligent physical training and holistic lifestyle coaching. This meant much more than teaching clients how to do a proper squat.

Although we were always holistic in our teachings, I was still developing our methods and our direction. I spent countless hours researching, testing theories, and diving deep into human kinetics, movement, mov nat, psychology, spirituality, holistic nutrition, bio-hacking, pop culture, astrology, permaculture, tech, science, and client experience in order to understand our human condition, why we resist it, and how to optimize it.

In 2015, we re-branded what was EPIC Fitness and became EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle. We became a true holistic health centre focused on helping clients live an EPIC life which really was the secret to helping clients achieve real, sustainable results. Our EPIC method works.

 After all that research, I saw clarity in the philosophies that would have the biggest impact and made them our four pillars: Functional Movement, Holistic Nutrition, Nature Exposure, and Self-Care. Living a well-rounded and healthful lifestyle is our #1 goal. Proper, balanced habits lead to the 20lbs weight loss, the pull-up, the functioning knee staying that way. Which habits, which rituals to keep in your life and which ones to do away with? It’s confusing, this is why I created The EPIC Life Formula. I wanted it to be simple and the MOST effective for our clients.

This formula combines our four pillars in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step way that will help people find balance along their journey. We’ve tested it, we’ve seen it work, and we are constantly finding ways to make it even better- and make your life easier! Regardless of what your goals are (personal, professional, fitness or otherwise), this formula will help you get there.

The EPIC Life Formula breaks down exactly what it takes to level up our health in a way that our North American culture does not support us in. It may seem almost too basic, but that is the point. We have made it so complicated for people that we have lost sight of what really matters.

What is the point of fasting and metabolic bio-hacking when we haven’t been amongst the trees in 3 months? When we haven’t had more than a tbsp of fibre? When we haven’t stretched? This is a way to ensure that you are giving your mind, body, and spirit what it needs week in and week out. It is a way to sustain your health as you age and stop burning the candle at both ends trying to get fit or trying to get happy.

What is The EPIC Life Formula?

At EPIC this Formula inspires every smoothie we offer, each personal training session, our class schedule, EVERYTHING! We’re you’re one-stop-shop for making this formula fit into your life. And of course, although it seems basic, this Formula is tough to implement long-term and to optimize without support, accountability and coaching - that is where our personal training comes in. Each personal training client gets exclusive access to Lifestyle coaching while you’re enjoying your physical sessions! You will have access to the EPIC Life Planner, we will help you build out your perfect EPIC Morning Routine and you’ll quickly start to really feel like you are owning your day holistically - not just work, but also your health and your mindset.

The best part is that while you are healing that injured knee, building out the strength in your core and your back, increasing your endurance and feeling better overall, the Lifestyle habits that we help you develop based on the Formula will guarantee that whatever results you attain you will keep! That’s the secret. It’s not about getting the results, it’s about keeping them. 

We’re here to help you gain direction- meet with our EPIC Life Advisor to curate the ultimate plan for you. Book a complimentary EPIC Life Assessment today.