Are you an escape artist when things get overwhelming? You know, sensing when you need to escape the everyday monotony to recharge and rejuvenate? It sounds so great in theory but how often do we see people come back from their vacations as tired and checked-out as when they left? To take a break that will really help you refocus and reflect, it’s important to be in a space where you are open to new ideas- ideas you can implement into your life as soon as you return.

Taking you out of your regular routine, whether it’s leaving work, your kids or your Friday night Netflix binge behind is a way of hitting reset. Simply removing yourself from the standard day-in-day-out mindset is an opportunity to fill your head with a new way of thinking – with positivity and abundance, methods for how to get over limiting beliefs.

That is really my goal with The EPIC Life Retreat.

I’ve curated this retreat to help the entrepreneurial souls level up their potential within 48 hours. Of course, this is not solely for the entrepreneur but it is for those who are driven to level up their lives in all ways; those who think differently and break the bonds of traditionalism on the daily. A retreat that goes beyond doing yoga all day and talking about our feelings. A retreat that’s focused on breaking away from the barriers that keep on preventing you from doing things you love. A retreat that is focused on giving your body and mind exactly what it needs to feel EPIC.

The EPIC Life Retreat is two days and two nights completely dedicated to levelling YOU up. I’ve done extensive research on what humans need in order to be well. I have also studied the gaps in our North American lifestyle and where we are running stray as ambitious, driven human beings. This retreat combines the science of total wellness with the realities of our ambitious lives. Grounded in the principles of The EPIC Life Formula©, experience practices and activities within Functional Training, holistic nutrition, nature, and self-care: movement classes, meditation, mental self-development games and workshops, plus hikes and free time to explore.

It is an incubator for #theEPIClife and what it really means to be WELL.

Combined with a continuation of what you’ve already been doing at EPIC - whether you only get our newsletter or have been a personal training client with us full time for years - this immersion into EPIC-level wellness will help you adopt habits that will level up your current existence and daily routine as well as accelerate whichever physical goals you are working on at home or with us.

If you’re someone who is already 100% dialled into EPIC or have been to one of our retreats before, it is always a new experience because living your potential is a journey and levelling up is endless. I am constantly amending and updating our material to accommodate for more research that comes out about bio-hijacking, health, wellness, happiness, and productivity.

You never enter the same river twice.

As individuals, we are always evolving. It may not feel like it- it may not even be noticeable to you but it’s happening. You’re never in the same position in your life even when you’re doing something you’ve done before. There is always going to be different things you pick up on, different focuses in any given experience.

The same goes for The EPIC Life Retreat.

It’s is completely reflective of our four pillars, that isn’t new. We’re immersed in nature, we’ve got a lake, lush greenery. We’ve got gluten-free, dairy-free, allergen-free foods (and we’ll completely accommodate anyone who has food intolerances!). Why? By cleaning out the system, the body and mind, we can really rejuvenate. We’ll be focusing heavily on self-care, there are so many different exercises we’re going to be doing to get rid of self-limiting beliefs, lighten the load, and move mental and spiritual obstacles. These are things that we try to incorporate into our every day. We talk about these things often but we can always gain a new perspective or different insight.

Most of all, this retreat will make you feel refreshed. As much as it is activity focused, it’s also super casual. It’s a vacation you don’t need to take a vacation from. It’s a staycation you can actually enjoy because it doesn’t involve catching up on laundry or tackling your household to-do list.

The EPIC Life Retreat is hippie meets high-performance. This kind of retreat helps you reach your goals faster. There’s really nothing else like it. It’s not just yoga, it’s not just boot camp, it’s 360° of what you need. When you embrace and try to level up your health and wellness it will, in turn, level up every single part of your life. Everything becomes easier when you are living your healthiest, most EPIC Life.

To register for The EPIC Life Retreat, use the link below!