We want to celebrate YOU. That’s really what Springo BINGO is all about. Your on-going commitment to health and wellness is so important. By taking part in what EPIC has to offer you’re going about it the right way- the holistic way- and should be celebrated! And EPIC Springo BINGO was created to do just that, all the while continuing to level up your life by discovering and trying new things. The more you open your mind to aaaaall the ways you can level up, the faster you’ll see results and the more well-rounded you’ll be health-wise.

As you know, at EPIC we are the only facility that combines functional training with other holistic teachings like balanced nutrition and the importance of self-care. This month-long BINGO adventure encompasses 360º of what a human needs to be healthy in both their mind and body. There are plenty of other facilities that offer group classes just for spinning, or just HIIIT, or just yoga, or just boot camp. But it just makes sense to us to include everything that is going to make your lifestyle holistically healthy!

As humans, we’re dynamic. We need more than just fitness to live an EPIC life.

This is why we’re your one-stop-shop. We offer everything you need in order to level up and Springo BINGO gives that little kick in the butt you might be waiting on to really try it all.

When you’re busy (and we 100% know that you are) you get into a routine doing the same things over and over again. It can be tough to make a concerted effort to open up your mind to new things. But too much of a good thing can still be too much. Our EPIC HIIT class is amazing but if that’s the only class you take, you’re not getting everything your mind and body need. Your body needs to stretch and move with an Animal Flow class perhaps. And your mind needs to unload on nights or weekends with Candlelight Yin or Meditation.

Springo Bingo was specifically designed with the busy bee in mind- really, everything in our facility is.

This is for people who are looking to level up whether that be in performance, health or aesthetics.

Take the challenge.

How It Works

For the month of April, complete different EPIC activities and earn a point. These activities include attending EPIC group classes, EPIC Masterclasses, making a Physio appointment, trying Basecamp Cafe smoothies, and much more!

There are seven ways to win:

Not sure how to complete an activity? Just ask! We’re invested in your success and we can’t wait to see you reach new heights as you try new things.

The EPIC Life Retreat

One lucky duck who completes their full Springo BINGO card will win free entry to The EPIC Life Retreat. This is two days and two nights full of mental exercises, functional movement, yoga, nature, and you-time! It’s an incubator for #theEPIClife where you can really immerse yourself in what it means to be healthy and well. This kind of retreat really propels your results in a way that nothing else can. It’s something special.

So what are you waiting for?! Make sure to grab your Springo BINGO card the next time you are in!

Good luck!