We are so excited to be launching our new Spring Menu at the Basecamp Cafe! Levelling up in any way requires energy- you need the right fuel. Nutrition is such an important cornerstone to an optimized lifestyle where you feel strong, energetic and confident. We also believe that it shouldn’t be difficult to eat good food.

This is why the Basecamp Cafe exists! We provide meals, snacks, and drinks that are organic or locally sourced, nutrient-dense, micro-balanced, dairy and gluten-free, vegan-friendly, super low in sugar, and consciously made with love by humans who care. Yes, it is possible to get all that in one package!

Our Spring Menu is custom-designed by me in collaboration with our new chef, Tina Barton aka Hungry Babe. Tina creates plant-based meals for busy people that want to level up their energy and their life. Her incredible salads can be found in Herbs&Spice stores and now will be also available at our Basecamp Cafe!

We have also partnered with Epicuria to offer organic chicken and flank steak as additional options for any of our new menu items! Vegan, conscious carnivore? We got you covered.

Our New Life Changers

  • Taco ‘Bout It Salad: veggie taco ground (lentil/mushroom/quinoa/spices), roasted corn salad, cabbage, tomato, avocado, lime wedge, chilli lime ranch
  • Dude Ranch Salad: tofu in bbq sauce, lentil “bacon”, pepper parm ranch
  • BLT GF Sandwich: sundried tomato “bacon”, spinach, tomato, vegan mayo, on a gluten-free bagel *based on availability
  • Cheeze GF Sandwich: garlic/herb cashew cheese spread, avocado, sprouts, sriracha hot sauce, on a gluten-free bagel *based on availability
  • Energy Protein Balls: with almond butter or peanut butter
  • Overnight Oats: *based on availability

When you’re looking for meals on-the-go, that kind of convenience usually means that you have to sacrifice or compromise on nutrients. Our grab-and-go meals are high in protein, healthy fats, fibre, and greens to support your health and fitness goals. They’re here to make your life easier.

This is the fuel you need. Have more energy for the day so your body can lose visceral fat, gain muscle, and repair joints- not to mention that your brain functions best when you’re eating nutrient-dense, low sugar foods. We also promise to open your mind. Do you tend to eat the same lunch, snacks and food in general? Even if you cook at home, eating at the Basecamp Cafe is sure to give you nutrients that you wouldn’t normally get at home.

Whether you need a post-workout smoothie, lunch-to-go or a little pick-me-up treat, we’ve got you covered with our holistic food at the Basecamp Cafe.