One of the things that people are often afraid of when starting at the gym is making mistakes and getting injured.  We want to help you nip this in the bud by highlighting the most common mistakes people make and how to overcome them. At EPIC, we’ve innovated for your success’ sake. One example of this innovation is the Intro 3. Sure, you’ve heard of intro packages when you first begin at a gym, but ours is different. When you are beginning - or even if you are returning - to up your health and fitness journey, there will be a learning curve. But the key to not making these mistakes is understanding why they can be so detrimental.

You Need a Plan

One of the first things we see when people start at the gym is that they don’t really have a plan. They’ve got the motivation to start, which is really amazing. That motivation can drive people to change their lives, create strength in their body, and make themselves uncomfortable. That’s important, and to me, really admirable. But the problem starts when there is no plan.

Generally speaking, a lot of people feel like they know how to train their body because we are constantly surrounded by fitness. We’ve jogged, done yoga, or maybe grew up playing a sport. But the truth is, training is very different from fitness or sport.

There are rules and laws in sports or fitness classes that don’t translate into training.

For the difference between sport and training click here. One of the mistakes we see is that people do what they know. If they play or used to play a sport, they go to the gym and start mimicking the movements they know from that activity. They might only run on the treadmill or do dynamic warm-up drills they learned in hockey or soccer practice but those things aren’t really relevant in the gym environment when you are beginning to train. Especially in a functional training gym like EPIC, it’s all about seeing the body through movement instead of muscles. It’s not about how much weight we can lift. Instead, we’re really trying to create balance throughout the body so that we are physically functional and healthy through strength, mobility, and joint health.

When we have a plan and we know the body - anatomy, how muscles work, where the fibres of the body lie, which joints are too tight or too weak - then we are able to create a plan that allows us to progress. Not having a plan is a mistake. Whether it is in our professional career or in our personal lives, if we don’t have a plan, we’re automatically planning to fail.

You Need an Assessment

Often, the reason people don’t have a plan is because they don’t really know their bodies. That’s where the assessment comes in. So many people start at the gym with a membership but they have never been assessed by a professional so, again, they don’t really know what they need. They’re mimicking movements they see online or things they’ve tried years ago that are probably irrelevant to their body now. We need to know what our bodies specifically need in order to create the proper plan we need that we can execute on.

That’s why we assess every single human who signs up for our Just Gym membership. We use The EPIC Life Assessment that allows you to learn more about yourself, set realistic targets based on where your body is currently at, and better track results in a tangible way.

You Need to Think: Movement

Another mistake we often see enough is the training of body parts instead of movements. That’s really where we differ. In a lot of gyms, you’ll walk in and see a line up of machines that are grouped by body part. You sit down, do one machine, and move on to the next.

But there is a science to training …. appropriately called “exercise science.” This is all about understanding which body parts and which movements to organize first. There are certain muscles groups and movements that you want to work out before others. When you’re not familiar with this, you can fatigue smaller muscles by accident which means they’re not going to support the big muscles, in turn, diminishing your results. You can also unknowingly work out some muscles or movements too much because you just do the exercises you’re familiar with. Alternatively, you could be doing something with poor technique so you might think you’re working out a certain muscle but the reality is, you’re not.

So, instead of going from machine to machine, you need an understanding of how your body works and how you can work out your body for movements, not muscles. An example of this is the hip hinge. This is a movement we would use in a deadlift, anterior reach or squat. It’s a human movement we need to master but it’s actually hard for a lot of people to get (hello coordination!). There are, however, certain exercises you can do to strengthen that movement.

When we see the body just as muscles, we’re not integrating the body as a whole.

The body is completely integrated so we can’t just isolate any one muscle. When we view the body through movement we can see how all our muscles, joints, tissues and fibres are connected and interdependent which helps us to be holistically healthy.

You Need a Schedule

When people sign up for their membership, they think they are going to fit the gym in any old time or when it’s convenient for them But, of course, if we don’t put ourselves first and we don’t create a schedule, we won’t get things done.

We often see one of two scenarios. The first scenario is a person will come to the gym way too often at the beginning, become fatigued, bored, sore in all the wrong places, and then they   stop. Either they feel like they’ve done enough so they don’t have to go the next week or they feel frustrated by minimal improvement.

The second scenario is the opposite. A person may feel that simply by getting the membership they have reconciled their stagnation and don’t end up actually using it.

When we don’t schedule and put time blocks in our calendars to show up for the gym then we’re never going to do what we’ve set out to accomplish.

You Need Support

Oftentimes, people don’t have a point of contact. With just a membership you may not feel like you have someone looking after you, someone to ask questions to or someone who knows you. When you do have a point of contact, it can be so powerful- even if only from the perspective that you know you will see this person at the gym so you are motivated to show up. We know how communities thrive based on accountability and at the gym, it’s no different. We want to be seen, acknowledged, and validated as a human being. Having someone who says, “Hey, good job!” or “I’m glad to see you!” can make a big difference.

It’s the Total Package

All of these things work together- against you. Each mistake may seem small but they prevent success and will stunt any progress.  We have helped people overcome this with our Intro 3. We help people establish a schedule. We give people an assessment to help them understand their body and what their body needs. We allow them to walk away with a program that we set for them and we give them a point of contact.

The Intro 3 is a non-negotiable when you start with an EPIC membership (Just Gym and EPIC Membership) because it truly does set you up for success. If you are making these mistakes, your failure rate is almost inevitable. You will not get the most out of your membership and will not get the results you’re looking for. We’re here to guarantee that you get what you have set out to get and that’s why the Intro 3 exists.

To learn more about the Intro 3 reach out to us and set up a complimentary session to get you started.