We know your health isn’t just about the workouts. We host community events because we recognize the basic human need to belong and spend time surrounded by positive people with similar interests or journeys.

Since we’ve opened, we’ve held over 200 successful events. The tradition continues strong with our spring lineup!


Movement Masterclass: Kettlebell Basics

Saturday, April 13

Various studies suggest that kettlebell training provides a significant improvement in endurance, balance, and core strength. It helps us burn more fat, mobilizes different muscles and joints at once, and has the potential of improving bone health.

In fact, kettlebell training can be a more intense workout than traditional weight lifting, helping you achieve results faster and more efficiently.

In this Movement Masterclass, you will learn why kettlebell training is a must, everything it has to offer, and how you can start integrating it into your training. Over the course of two hours, we will teach you:

  • Kettlebell basics (swing, hikes, cleans, Turkish getup)
  • Kettlebell technique optimization
  • Advanced kettlebell complexes

Wellness Masterclass: Time Management

Saturday, April 27

Your problem is that you are excited about many things. So much so, that you may be putting your health and wellness on the back burner. How does one cure something they love doing? Quitting is not the answer. Smart time management is.

We’ve created this Wellness Masterclass to help our clients, members, and community elevate their wellness regime and learn progressive skills to optimize their lifestyle. Time management has helped our clients succeed faster and level up their lives more efficiently in a gradual and manageable way.

In the Wellness Masterclass: Time Management, our Founder + CEO, Stephanie Karlovits, will teach you to hack your schedule and your body so that it works for you and your evolving lifestyle.

Over the course of two hours, you will learn:

  • How to stay present and conscious
  • The art of outsourcing repetitive tasks
  • Daily planning that works
  • Mindset shifts that create space
  • Work/life integration strategies


Mercury Retrograde Forest Bathing

Saturday, March 23

Why do people blame strange behaviour and technology mishaps on Mercury in Retrograde? Well, “retrograde” is planet-talk for moving backwards so when Mercury appears to be moving from east to west instead of it’s regular west to east orbit, people attribute that to any irregular or backward events and interactions.

With the Mercury Retrograde taking over almost all of March, instead of using it as an obstacle, we think it is a great opportunity to immerse ourselves in nature! Forest bathing or Shinrin-yoku was developed in the 80s in Japan. It has been credited as the reason the Japanese population excelled in overcoming the ailments of overpopulation and stress.

In this Forest Bathing session, you’ll learn about the forest and the elements which make nature so soothing and healing.

Welcoming New Moon Hike

Saturday, April 6 (SOLD OUT)

The New Moon is the first lunar phase when the moon is blotted out of the sky. This isn’t as strange a thing to celebrate as it may seem. A New Moon occurs when the Earth, moon, and sun are in perfect alignment so we aren’t able to see the sunlight the moon typically reflects. These nights are often dark but an amazing opportunity to see the stars and even planets– plus it is tied with spiritual and energetic renewal.

The new beginning that New Moon offers is fitting for our April hike. As the world around us is starting to bloom again so are our spirits with new ideas, strength, and power.

Free EPIC Movie Nights

“Overcoming Stress & Fear”

Friday, March 22

A lot of the work we do at EPIC is centred around shifting negative mindsets and belief systems. In order to tackle these belief systems, we LOVE eye-opening, heart-opening, and mind-opening documentary films.

“Overcoming Stress & Fear” examines how fear and stress are directly related to illness, how they impact your health, and how they inhibit your immune system. We will also learn how to diminish these feelings or mindsets through different techniques.

“Beyond Belief”

Friday, April 23

Discover new things, unlock unbelievable insights, learn about the world and get inspired. Our mission with EPIC Movie Nights is to help you gather SPECIFIC and credible knowledge of things that are important to you: health, wellness, personal development and connection.

The documentary “Beyond Belief” provides us with the opportunity to really reflect on our personal belief systems - some we may not even realize we have - and how they create our reality. We will also challenge ourselves with methods to change the negative belief systems we have that prevent us from moving forward in our lives.

Cheers to the springtime and we can’t wait to see you at our upcoming events. For more upcoming events, workshops and seminars, check out our events calendar!