You think you know what you’re doing but I challenge that. Why do we require people to purchase and complete our Intro 3 prior to starting a membership with us? As someone who has spent the majority of my life in sport and fitness facilities, I knew I wanted to do something different when I opened EPIC Fitness in 2012. In order to make a real difference and impact lasting change in people’s lives, I knew they needed to start their training by doing things the right way.

I started in a recreation center at 5-years-old while in gymnastics. My first “gym” was the YMCA. When I was a figure skater, I learned how to Olympic Lift with legend Larry Shepard at the YMCA in North Bay and when I moved to Ottawa I was a member of the OAC. In university, I went to work at a corporate gym facility as a personal trainer and was there for eight years.

I know gyms. I know people. And because of that, I know this number won’t shock you.


More specifically, 67%. This is the average percentage of gym memberships that go unused in your typical corporate gym. Why is that? Why do people purchase something that they never use? Seriously, think about it.

I’ve looked at this information. It has been in front of my face for many years being part of a membership-based gym as a part of my youth as well as working at one in my young adulthood. When I opened up EPIC Fitness, I wanted to take the knowledge I had acquired and actually do good for people. I wasn’t okay with that 67%. I wanted to make sure people got healthy. 

There are a few reasons why 67% of gym memberships go unused. It’s not rocket science. I understand human psychology and unfortunately, it is advantageous for a gym owner to have people not show up. But I don’t believe in this. I actually want to help people. This is why our Intro 3 exists.

Why People Don’t Show Up

The #1 reason people don’t use their gym memberships is that they see a lack of results. They’ll come in for a month or two, see some results but then hit a brick wall, not knowing what to do next. They exhaust everything they know about how to use equipment in the gym. Because most humans don’t know and understand biomechanical science, how their body moves or the chemistry involved in getting results, they tend to give up pretty quickly, simply because workouts get repetitive and results stop showing. They don’t have the knowledge to bust through that plateau so they just stop. Fitness journey over.

Another reason people don’t stick with their gym is that they are not comfortable. When we feel like we are just a number at a membership-based gym, it doesn’t feel like home. We feel on-edge, too nervous to even say “Hi!” to the people next to us because everyone is our competition; everyone is a threat. This survival-of-the-fittest mindset has really developed in the big box gym setting but it’s because they are using, what I like to call, their “lizard brain” and not their intellectual brain.

Sure, there’s an energy that comes with making people feel like they are competing to get them to work hard but at the end of the day, it’s not sustainable. As human beings, we want to feel like we belong, not worn down by the people around us.

If we don’t feel comfortable in our environment, we simply will stop putting ourselves in that environment.

People will also stop using their gym memberships because they get bored. They lack variety. But this can go hand-in-hand with feeling uncomfortable. When we’re in a situation where our lizard brain is on fire and we feel like people are judging us then we will only do the exercises we feel confident doing. We don’t want to feel stupid or risk using equipment in the wrong way so we stick to the five or six movements we know well … and that’s it.

But if this is all we’re doing, our bodies are not getting the variety they need to spark change. We’re not trying new things, asking for help nor are we using equipment that’s probably good for us. If we’re only doing the exercises we feel good at then the weaker parts of our bodies don’t get addressed. We’re not creating sustainability in our bodies nor acquiring growth by not giving it the stimulus that it needs.

Finally, people stop using their gym memberships because they don’t have the habit. Habits take a long time to stick. It’s more than three weeks or six months; in my books, habits take a year to properly develop. Nature works in a year cycle and we are part of nature - so why should we be any different?

When we try to create a habit, we need to stick to it through every season of our lives.

If we’re only trying to create a habit for three weeks in the summer when everything is great, I promise you, that habit will not be around in November. We need a full year to make a habit part of our lifestyle. If we don’t practice our healthy habits long enough, as soon as there is a stressor in our life we stop doing the things that are good for us. But when we are forced to have a lifestyle through many different stressors in our life, that habits sticks - to the point where stress will cause us to actually double down on the things that nourish us.  That’s what we teach at EPIC.

When things are tough, we don’t take away the things that make us feel good, we do more of it.

When we’re in a place where we don’t feel comfortable, we don’t have a community, we’re not seeing results, we’re bored, we feel like we’re being judged, and we don’t have 100% confidence in what we’re doing, then we are not going to show up and use our gym memberships. And who can fault that?

Our Intro 3

One of the major things we have done at EPIC to ensure that people do show up is creating the Intro 3. The Intro 3 means you have a contact person in your trainer for your entire membership so you truly do belong to our community. We do a full assessment, the EPIC Life Assessment, to look at your lifestyle, we look at your body composition, and we look at your movement so that you have science-based information about what your body needs.

From there, we take you through three private sessions and provide you with a program you can actually use. The Intro 3 program is a robust template of our functional training methods. It’s based on biomechanical science of human form and 21st-century psychology of a human mind.

This program gives you training but it also ties back to your movement assessment. It will include movements that will strengthen you, giving you more mobility in your joints. It’s functional programming so it’s cutting edge.

It’s not just sitting on a machine and pulling a weight towards you, it’s really moving your body in a way that it wants to be moved. 

The other thing that we’ve intentionally done is ensure that we are community-driven. We have free community events you can attend where you will make new friendships and relationships with people that are on the same journey as you.

There’s a vulnerability, friendliness, and a comfortability to the way EPIC was designed. From the people we hire all the way down to our aesthetic, it’s no accident. We know what will get you results. So, the Intro 3 is really much more than getting you in for training sessions. It’s about making sure that you have the information you need to put yourself in a better position psychologically and anatomically to achieve positive results. That’s what every single one of us is at EPIC to see happen for you.

Just Show Up

We are not victims of our bodies, we are in charge.

And when we have as much information as possible about our bodies, we can use that to our advantage. We are proud to be able to say that at EPIC, our non-attendance number is significantly lower than 67%. Our number is even lower than 10%! We’re very proud that we do things that work for a lot of people so it keeps them coming back. If you haven’t yet started you’re membership with us but it’s something you’re looking to do or if you’re told you need to do an Intro 3, please embrace it. We’ve got your best interests at heart and we know you’ll be set up for success moving forward.

To learn more about the Intro 3 and Just Gym membership, reach out to us today to set up a complimentary consultation to get you started.