Being a beginner, even when you think you’re doing okay, allows you to level up. But that can be tough. When we are so competent in our careers, are intellectual beings, and feel like we have our lives together (at least somewhat together), it’s really tough to be a beginner again. So many of the people who walk through our doors are incredibly competent and accomplished in many areas of their life so it’s very challenging for them to admit that they don’t really know what’s going on with their body and they’re confused about what they need next.

However, this is precisely why I admire people who are willing to be a beginner again: because it’s not always easy. It disrupts our status quo and it creates a lot of vulnerability but I think this is so necessary in our culture today. And truthfully, it’s the only way to level up.

At the end of the day, isn’t that what we’re really trying to do? We are really good at levelling up our mental experience, we’re successful in our professions, we feel pride about what we know but when it comes to our bodies, we’re really clueless. No offence … but we’re kind of dumb and it makes sense! When are we exercising our body intelligence?

Being a forever student, especially when it pertains to our health, is necessary and very important if we want to have longevity and sustainability and to be healthy into our later years.

Constant Motion

Newton Law states that we are always in motion. This doesn’t only apply to atoms but as living, breathing beings we are always in motion, too. We need to keep learning. And it’s not just any kind of learning that’s important. We need specific information that helps us to move forward rather than keeping us in the same place.

The issue is that we are often not the best judges of what we need. We think we know what we need but often we are wrong. What we THINK we need is usually just the thing we are willing to do but what we actually need is usually the thing we are not willing to do. Our mind really can play tricks on us in this way. Our body is often screaming for the opposite of what our mind wants.  The mind is the ego. The mind just wants to do what it knows and what it’s great at. We really do have to force it to do new things.

Our bodies learn just like our minds do and it needs constant sensory information about its environment and it needs to move.  Body intelligence requires constant feedback and to exercise in new ways in order to become smarter. But, in our culture, our bodies are atrophying at a tremendous rate. We would never allow our minds to be stagnant the way we do our bodies!

With such a focus on our minds, we have really neglected this other intelligence that, when used, is an amazing tool and actually makes us a more intelligent being as a whole.  

Something I see all the time is that people don’t want to slow down even though they feel tight in their bodies and their joints click and clack. Their minds hate things like yoga and stretching but their body looooves it.

We need to remember, just because the mind doesn’t want to do something, doesn’t mean it’s not good for us.

And it’s not just anecdotal facts. We’ve seen this type of evidence pop up in various research initiative. In a study out of Japan, a test group of people that said on a questionnaire that they do not like being outdoors were assessment and data was collected from their biomarkers like blood pressure and cortisol levels. They were then forced to interact with nature and while their minds are telling them they hate the experience, those very same biomarkers are telling a different story. Blood pressure dropped, cortisol levels dropped, stress hormones decreased, and the immune system increased. We need to really listen to our bodies, our minds rarely know what’s best.

This is where it is important to be a forever student. Being willing to open our minds up to new information about our bodies and to recognize our body’s feedback is a huge step forward in maintaining our health.

We are Tribal

We need other people’s opinions. This is why professions like teachers, mentors, coaches, trainers exist! An important part of what we do is watch and instruct our clients down to the detail in their movements. We’re able to give you information that would otherwise be impossible for you to maintain since your eyes are in your head and you cannot see yourself in 3D. Seeing you this way allows us to gather important information that we need to relay to you in order for you to understand yourself better.

Having this kind of professional help – someone that can give you recommendations and information based on you, your life, your challenges, your desires, the way you move – is key in receiving the ultimate information you need. And that’s really what we are all about. But in order for us to give you this information, you need to be a beginner over and over again. And you need to be willing to learn about you.

Just like the mind, we need teachers in order to save ourselves from recycling the same information, our bodies need teachers to help us learn and grow too.

Beginning Again

When you start your gym membership with us, we require you to get the Intro 3 package. This includes The EPIC Life Assessment session and three 1-hour sessions. A few people have challenged us on why they need to do the Intro 3 over the years. And this is why being a beginner again is very important. Depending on where we are in our lives, the same information can be interpreted in a different way. It’s important that you have an introduction to the gym because, at EPIC, we are being specific about the information we are relaying to you. We are educators. I like to see us as a big incubator for learning. We want to expose you to cutting edge knowledge instead of just Googling a question and regurgitating it to you. That’s not our goal and it’s not what we do.

What we’re really pining for as living, breathing, moving beings are those ah-ha moments. At EPIC, whether you’re coming to get a smoothie, see our physiotherapist or are attending a group class, we’re really aiming for you to have a light bulb go off so that you understand yourself a little better every time you walk in. We want to blow your mind, we want to give you information that will help you for the rest of your life. And a lot of the time, getting down to the foundations of who we are and slowing down is a really important step in that.

We, humans, move way too quickly. We’re always trying to master things too fast, we don’t like to be a beginner, we hate the learning curve but really there’s so much magic in that starting phase of training. But the most successful people I know are all forever students. Even though many of them are masters in their field, they are always trying to learn more and challenge themselves - and to them, it is a way of life.

I challenge you to be a forever student. There is always something new to discover and learn. If you already are a forever student, kudos! You’re ahead of the pack, keep doing what you’re doing. To see what more you can learn together with us, visit our events page where you can check out our upcoming workshops and Masterclasses to get started!