You only start something once. Even though you may have started and stopped another training or health regime (or you’ve started and stopped many training or health regimes), there’s nothing like the way we start you at EPIC Fitness. When you engage in Personal Training with us, the first four weeks really are special.

We’re not like other facilities or other training programs.

We consider the obvious yet often overlooked fact: you are a human being. Therefore, you are body, mind, and spirit.

This all needs to be taken into consideration throughout your training, but especially in the first few weeks when we learn more about you; your habits, tendencies, pain points (literal and figurative), and physicality. We recognize that we are starting you on a journey. This journey will change your life. So here is an in-depth look at the first few steps.

The Initial Assessment

Most of the “assessments” out there are purely physical, so they put you through a strength test, flexibility test, and endurance test but that really isn’t enough to give us a true assessment of your health. Your mind actually has a lot to do with your health. If we don’t actually assess your lifestyle habits, how you’ve created your life or how you talk to yourself then we’re not doing you justice. We wouldn’t be getting the whole picture of where you’re starting from. So we assess it all.

The first thing we do is our Functional Movement Assessment. This is a screening we’ve developed that uses four movements. That’s it. We don’t need to test your strength, for example, because we can gain a lot of that knowledge just from the way you move. Besides, we’re not here to make you feel like you can’t do something.

We believe in a judgement-free environment that really wants to champion the fact that you are strong enough to take the first step and come to us to be assessed in a completely holistic way.

In addition to our Functional Movement Assessment, we use what is called the EPIC Life Formula©. There are four things we look for in terms of your lifestyle habits that give us a really good indication of how healthy you are and how sustainable your practices are currently. We assess Functional Movement, Holistic Nutrition, exposure to Nature, and Self-Care. For thousands of years, we have known the importance of things like nature, positive self-talk and community yet our North American society doesn’t value those things as much as it should. In measuring these things we really start to get a full picture of what is going on.

We also assess certain psychological states. How do you talk to yourself? How do you deal with adversity, obstacles or challenges? That tells us a lot about who you are currently and the things that are holding you back right now or things that might hold you back throughout our training program.

We then get into more of the physical by assessing your body composition. This is for both of us to better understand your starting point. As you go through your training you’ll want to know where you started because you’ll be really proud of yourself!

The InBody composition test measures your intracellular and extracellular water levels which tell us how hydrated you are. We also look at body fat percentage. High body fat has been linked to many diseases like heart disease and diabetes but it can also slow us down and change the way our hormones function. We consider your visceral fat content as well as this tells us a lot about how you handle stress in the body. The last thing the body composition test tells us is your muscle mass. We can break this down to the nitty-gritty showing us if there are any muscle imbalances, if one side is stronger than the other, and where we can work on things to recover any current injuries and prevent any in the future.

The First Phase

After your assessment, we begin the first phase of your training: The Functional Anatomical (FAA) Phase. Whether you’re an Olympic athlete, someone who has trained their whole life or someone who has never trained before, it doesn’t matter. Everyone can benefit from the FAA Phase– so much so, we force all of our new trainers to make a program for themselves and complete it, too.

What really happens in the FAA Phase is that you sloooow down. This may be the first time in your life where you don’t perceive exercise as pain … or at least, you’ll be seeing it through a different lens of pain. We’re going to unravel why certain injuries have existed in the past and really deal with the fascia and muscle tissue in a way that is going to heal it. We tend to demand a lot from our bodies but without allowing ourselves to recover.

We often don’t nourish the body until it’s too late. We wait until something is really bothering us or impacts our daily life but by then it has gone too far.

What we try to do in the FAA Phase is uncover injuries that might pop up in the future that we can instead deal with and heal now so that injuries never creep up again.

We also deal with chronic pain. We follow the laws of the body during the movement practices we have during this phase to ward off any current pain and chronic issues that may be affected by not abiding by the rules of the body. This phase is about engaging the brain to the body and really uncovering what’s going on in each joint and muscle. The goal is to really activate and connect tissues together since our muscles are all connected. For example, my left lat is connected to my rhomboid which is connected to my right glute which is then connected to my hip flexor which crosses over my left oblique and then up to my lat again. We can’t imagine the body as segmented or isolated muscles. We have to use it as an integrated whole.

During this phase, we really want to get the body to connect to itself in a way that is going to change your whole life. Learning to do things right is key so we’re sticklers for technique but it will literally change every step you take moving forward, every time you hit a ball with a racquet, every time you play with your kids. Things are going to work better and be more synergistic. The way we have designed the FAA Phase is the smartest way you can deal with your body, especially at the start of your training. For so many, the focus is on their professional career, their obstacles, or what they can’t do. This phase is really about changing that script and accepting that this is your body. You only get one so we want you to get to know it, love it, and make sure you’re working with it and not against it anymore.

What to Expect

First of all, we really try to incorporate and support healthy habits. In addition to the physical, we’re also looking at lifestyle. We’re making sure that you’re getting outdoors. We ask you about going for walks or inviting you to come to our free hikes. We’re trying to get you to be more conscious about your choices. We don’t micromanage this, a lot of it will be just a part of the process for you. Once you’re really integrated into our facility and our program, you’re going to be inundated by choice. You’ll choose to engage in these things in order to really change your life.

You’ll also start to be more self-aware of your self-talk.

When you’re engrossed in a positive environment and have someone who is encouraging as a part of your support team, it can really shake you up. Sometimes the way we talk to ourselves isn’t right. We would never accept that kind of talk from someone else but for some reason, we allow it from ourselves. When you are engrossed such a positive environment, your brain starts to change. Your relationship to yourself starts to change and you are also able to be more aware of self-limiting beliefs. Those core beliefs that have held you back for years and years and years start to unravel. It really is a beautiful process.

We brainwash you into feeling better. We brainwash you into accepting your body and loving your body in order for us to actually move the body in the right direction.

We change your mental state. All of these things happen over time. It’s programmed, it’s meant to happen, and it will happen. All you’ve got to do is show up.

Right away you’ll also notice that you have more energy. Not only in what you can handle in a day but you’ll no longer feel any symptoms of burnout.  You’ll feel like you have more time to play with your kids, you can do a little more work if you wanted or even the dishes get done faster! You’re not going to feel completely overwhelmed all the time and this happens naturally when you just show up.

The last thing I want to touch on is that you are immersed in a community. Some of our clients have been with us for many years and they are always excited to see new faces. They want to encourage you and acknowledge you for doing something that is not easy. Showing up for yourself and investing in yourself is not easy. It doesn’t just happen, you have to decide.

From top to bottom we have created an environment where you are inspired by every single person that you train with. Having positive connections with people, especially people who are doing the same things as you and are also fed up with how they’ve been doing things, is extremely powerful.

Your first four weeks of training with us will be remarkable. It will be challenging in its own way but it will really lay the foundation for your training program. Even if you feel like you’re living a pretty great life right now, we will open you up in a way you didn’t know was even possible. We take you as you are and help you take micro-steps that will make a HUGE difference.

Make your pretty good life an EPIC life!

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