Greatness cannot be built on a weak foundation. The basics start with proper mobility and wise recovery for every stage of life and performance. We start with basics because that is the most effective way to set our clients up for success. More often than not, it’s the simple things that can make a big difference. No matter what stage of training you’re in, there are basic tools that will benefit your body immensely if used properly.

We have hand-picked specific tools that we believe in not only scientifically, but we also believe in their anecdotal efficacy - we see success with them every day with our clients. They help you move through life with ease by building and recovering muscle, allowing your joints to flow seamlessly and stimulate healing on a cellular level. They also help you stay consistent. We can’t speak enough about how important this is. When you are embracing #theEPIClife, it is not just a workout plan or a diet, it’s a way of being. Your body doesn’t recognize when you’re on vacation or if it’s the weekend, it’s wellness needs to be maintained ALL. THE. TIME. But that doesn’t have to be difficult or daunting.

Simple movements that don’t require heavy machinery or a spotter can still be impactful and effective in your training. Ever notice the lack of machines in our gym? Ever notice the abundance of positive results? Think about it.

Even basic tools can help you build a foundation or keep your training on track. As big believers in the basics, we want to share these four tools that will certainly help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and that make it easy to do wherever you are.

RAD Mobility Tools

Named RAD for a reason, these might look a little strange to some but are vital in aiding recovery. RAD Mobility and Massage Tools help you heal through self-myofascial release (SMR). These tools range in shapes, sizes and densities so that you can really dig into hard-to-reach knots and tissue or you can target larger muscle groups while applying the same kind of deep compression. If you’re experiencing soreness or tightness within a specific area, we can help you find the appropriate RAD tool to help or if you’re just looking to loosen up after a workout the RAD Rollers and Rounds will not disappoint.

Foam Rollers

This should be a non-negotiable for everyone. Foam rolling prevents chronic injuries and helps mobility as it eliminates muscle tightness. Similar to the SMR we get from RAD tools, foam rollers release tension that builds up every day, even from things as simple as running or walking. Through SMR, blood flow throughout the body is increased allowing for better movement and range of motion. Using a foam roller means that you are giving yourself the opportunity to really reach your potential in every training. They are also great tools to connect brain to body which we find lacks in most people today.


There are so many exercises that can utilize your body weight as opposed to lifting or carrying barbells. Superbands allow you to elevate the difficulty of these exercises by increasing resistance. Once you’ve mastered the basic movements, Superbands will help you level up your training so you don’t have to worry about hitting a plateau or losing progress. They’re also super easy to travel with so you can get your workout in when you’re not near a gym.


Without your trainer, it can sometimes be tough to tell if you’re doing certain exercises correctly. Mini-bands make sure that you are maintaining stability and engage multiple muscle groups so you can work out your whole body more efficiently- and correctly. These take the guesswork out of your movements so you can still train away from the gym without worrying that you’re doing something wrong or might get injured.

Get equipped with the best tools to create a solid foundation for your training at our Life Shop! If you have any questions about how to use these tools or what would benefit you most, a member of our team will be happy to help.