My goal to achieve balance in life seems to have been a life long journey with many starts and stops. As I entered midlife, my search became more urgent as my state of well-being declined at an increasing rate, despite having achieved many of my set goals. As my interests, challenges and short-term goals changed, I still strived for my big goal of finding balance between my job, family, and self-care. I became overwhelmed, confused, and in pain both physically and emotionally. With each set back, my overall goal of achieving a balanced life seemed increasingly unattainable.

I came to EPIC Fitness in the summer of 2017, looking for a different approach. Their promise of training holistically appealed to me greatly when I came across them at a Health Fair the previous year. I set their pamphlet aside at home, hoping my life would change on its own and everything would turn out better for me with little effort on my part. As life became more challenging, I kept looking at EPIC’s information. It all sounded like a perfect fit for me, with goals consistent with my own, but I kept making excuses to avoid starting until one day, I stopped in for a visit because I was in the area. I spoke to Adrienne who peaked my interest with her knowledge and enthusiasm. I had gone to personal trainers a few times in the past but had not improved to my satisfaction and in some cases became worse. I decided to try again, but this time doing a one month trial with EPIC Fitness. 

I enjoyed my first month at EPIC, as everyone seemed to be upbeat, enthusiastic, friendly, and knowledgeable. Most of the trainers greeted me by name when I went in for my workouts, making me feel welcome. My injuries had started to heal so I signed on to continue. 

So here we are, a year later and despite having had some major challenges with life, my training with Kathleen Holt has remained one of my constant sources of inspiration and motivation. I am in better shape in all areas of my life, thanks to Kathleen. I feel stronger, healthier, happier, and more confident than a year ago. We discuss and develop goals together, as we train with barriers and setbacks, instead of stopping as I had previously done. During each session, Kathleen normally asks me about one or more of my identified goals, and monitors several aspects of healthy living in addition to exercise, such as nutrition, pain management, meditation, mindfulness, and well-being. We discuss additional interests such as books, life’s challenges, and overcoming barriers to my goals.

No matter what sort of day I am having, I always leave EPIC feeling better and more inspired than when I started. Kathleen’s patient, upbeat and positive attitude is infectious and gives me a definite boost, especially on my more challenging days. EPIC has become one of my life lines for which I am truly grateful. Thank you Kathleen.

I believe that EPIC has had such a positive impact on my life due to its holistic approach, attracting like-minded trainers and other professionals who can truly guide people to a healthier state of being. I am fortunate to have incorporated them into my life. Thank you EPIC.